7 Tips for Event Marketing

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  • 7 Tips for Event Marketing

  • 2Create A Marketing Plan

    & Stick To It

  • 3Your event needs an effective plan of action that begins several

    months before your event and goes right through the months after.

  • Remember the 4 Ps of


  • 5 The 4 Ps of marketing have

    fallen out of favor with many

    marketing professionals,

    especially those working


    But it is still a useful

    framework for event


  • 6Ask yourself questions about each of these:

    What if I drop the price by 5%? What if I used social media to

    reach customers instead of print advertising?

    After considering every angle of the 4 Ps define a marketing mix

    that works for you and your event

  • 7Throw the old marketing

    book in the bin

  • 8 Have past marketing efforts not been as successful as youd like?

    Think about what has worked for you, and stick to that

  • 9Throw out any ideas that havent worked in the past

  • 10

    Use Big Data

  • 11

    Big Data ( with capital letters!) means collecting as much data as

    possible and analyzing for ways to improve your business.

    As an event organizer you can use Big Data to sell more tickets by

    collecting information about your ticket sales and attendees.

  • 12

    You should track which channels are

    selling and put all of your effort into the

    most successful

    The more you learn about your

    attendees, the better you can sell to them

    in the future

    Remember to keep the data secure and


  • 13

    Learn to love content


  • 14

    Create helpful content for your audience and release it for free

    Your content will bring people to your site and will help

    convince them to buy tickets

    This is also great for your SEO, and keeps promoting your

    event long after you stop paying for ads

    Remember to keep your content helpful and easy to access

    and target people who will buy a ticket to your event!

  • Online ads

  • 16

    Are you advertising in the local press?

    Print, radio and TV ads are great but you need an online


  • 17

    You can target people in specific geographic location on all of

    the major advertising platforms like Google AdWords and


    If youre in San Francisco you can target keywords like fun

    things to do in San Francisco or events in San Francisco

  • 18

    Make a list, guard it with

    your life

  • 19

    Your list is your greatest asset as an event marketer

    Collect the email addresses of everyone who attends an event and

    send them invitations to future events.

    Use a tool like MailChimp to easily collect attendees information

  • 20

    Remember to treat your list with respect, never send them unsolicited

    emails, or sell/share their information with anyone else

    And dont even think about buying an email list chances are you will

    be disappointed by the results (and everyone will think youre a


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