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Looking for writing help? We rounded up the 10 most popular blogs for content writers on the internet. Find a popular blog that will help you become your best!


<ul><li> 1. Youre a writer? Then you probably love to read.Rather than wai+ng for the waves of Reddit to wash something up on your browser, why not check out these blogs which we consider the cream of the crop for content writers? Subjective? Perhaps. Awesome? Definitely. </li> <li> 2. #1 Business2Community Well, we at Content Equals Money might be a bit biased were syndicated here. But this is also a great site to get wri+ng +ps (even outside of us!). Since they publish a variety of blogs from all over the net, this is a wonderful place to pick up some +ps from a wide spectrum of authors. www.business2community.com </li> <li> 3. #2 Content Marketing Institute From the magical marke+ng mind of Joe Pulizzi, CMI is a seminal resource for web copywriters. No maPer who your client is, drop everything and make sure to read up with this incredible resource. If Content Marke+ng Ins+tute says it, theres a 99.99% chance of it being true. Its the real deal, folks. www.contentmarketinginstitute.com </li> <li> 4. #3 The Copy Bot From the mind of Demian Farnworth. Farnworth has been in the game for over 10 years (which is like 3 centuries in Internet Time). His wri+ng is extremely informa+ve and very entertaining be sure to bookmark! www.thecopybot.com THE COPYBOT </li> <li> 5. #4 Copyblogger When it comes to popular blogs about copy, Copyblogger has to be one at the peak of the pile. Some blogs focus more on the craZ of wri+ng, but others go out onto more obscure subjects. This one is seminal in the eld dont miss it! www.copyblogger.com </li> <li> 6. #5 Freelance Folder Freelance Folder balances how to write a blog post-style blogs with lots of other goodies. These posts cover everything from how to get a freelance business started to how to deal with bad clients. The writers here have walked the walk or, shall we say, wriPen the wri+ng? www.freelancefolder.com </li> <li> 7. #6 The Freelance Strategist This is the ocial blog of Contently, a company that focuses on empowering professional journalists and bloggers to build careers doing what they love. Sound like you? Youll like the Freelance Strategist. This blog doesnt publish as oZen as others, but what they do publish is fantas+c. www.thefreelancestrategist.com </li> <li> 8. #7 Jeff Goins For most of us writers, blogging isnt the be-all-end-all wri+ng goal. For those who would like to explore other aspects of wri+ng that dont have to do with blogging about auto insurance, head over to Je Goins. Youll get inspired to pursue the wri+ng that YOU want to pursue. www.goinswriter.com </li> <li> 9. #8 Make a Living Writing The +tle might sound like a hokey marke+ng scam, but Carol Tice is featured on Copyblogger and knows her stu; theres also a very helpful and suppor+ve community that shes built around it. Many of her posts have more comments than TwiPer shares, which says something. A must-read! www.makealivingwriting.com </li> <li> 10. #9 Men With Pens These dudes (and ladies too, despite what the name would imply) cover everything you need to know as a freelance writer. Its also a beau+fully designed site that is a great example of what a business website should look like. www.menwithpens.com </li> <li> 11. #10 ProBlogger Three words to describe this blog? Quality, quality, and quality. Youll want to get your reading glasses for this one, as the posts can get a liPle long but they are jam-packed with excellent info. They also do a great job with integra+ng screen shots so that you get a visual alongside the great post. www.problogger.net </li> <li> 12. Got afavorite Tell us about it!writingblog? </li> <li> 13. Content Equals Money Content Equals Money is a content wri+ng service that serves a wide variety of clients with top-shelf, sharable content. Our goal is to work with small companies in order to help them reap the same results from content marke+ng as the Fortune 500 companies. Content marke+ng is truly scalable and can work for all businesses and business sizes! www.contentequalsmoney.com </li> </ul>