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Bill Burris Toyota Advertising Manager formerly Lexus Relationship Marketing Manage Next Generation Automotive CRM Summit 2007 hosted by European Networking Group

Lexus Digital Marketing Strategy

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Lexus Digital Marketing Strategy

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  • Bill Burris Next Generation Toyota Advertising Manager Automotive CRM Summit 2007 formerly Lexus Relationship Marketing Manage hosted by European Networking Group
  • Discussion points Changing media landscape Owner-in-market & lead treatment Other one-to-one communications Wrapup, Q&A
  • Viewpoint 1 Changing media landscape Owner-in-market & lead treatment Other one-to-one communications Wrapup, Q&A
  • Everybodys Talking iPhone, Web 2.0, MP3 docks, Second Life, LinkedIn, MySpace, Wii, Blogs, Mashups, Mobisodes & more Time shifters, commercial flippers or just high tech junkies, America leads a DVR revolution In this case study, Lexus saw an opportunity to merge new and existing technologies Small test to prove out theories, gain learning
  • If Content is King, leverage it First-ever Interactive DVR advertising application showcases the 2007 Lexus ES 350 Enables users to configure a vehicle, request an email or printed brochure about the vehicle, and locate a nearby dealer Seamless integration with Lexus Dealer Locator and Lexus Sales Lead Processor web services ES Photo Gallery Find a Lexus Dealer Choose the exterior and interior of your ideal ES 350
  • Repurposed brochure imagery Personalized messaging TiVo users selected interior & exterior color Dealer contact information Capacity to add a credit preapproval
  • And if you get lucky
  • Results Delivered 5x the normal lead traffic during the 2 weeks the spots ran Sales closing ratios were substantially higher than typical brochure requests Absolutely killed my brochure budget
  • Next step: i-Vu Chairside beauty salon touchscreen device Perfect for longform video content Solicits purchase interest Captures name, address information for fulfillment
  • Results Due to weak initial response, media partner extended the run free of charge Keypad functionality was determined to be a serious challenge to data collection Absolutely saved my brochure budget
  • Next step: back to TiVo
  • RX TiVo Fulfillment Piece Outside Inside Dealer insert (only one listed)
  • Viewpoint 2 Changing media landscape Owner-in-market & lead treatment Other one-to-one communications Wrapup, Q&A
  • Lexus owners coming back to market: Time & behavioral triggers Predictive modeling that includes: Months since previous Lexus purchase Life stage Financial service triggers Online activity prompts
  • OWNER TRIGGER ARCHITECTURE EARLY OWNER EXPERIENCE SEASONED OWNER EXPERIENCE First Six Months Time-Based Triggers Mid-ownership 1.5 Year Post surprise and TRIGGER Purchase delight at key Surprise And 1 TRIGGE TRIGGE Delight point in time R2 R3 Communication during owner Bought Vehicle Owners Site Push to Magazine lifecycle (RDR) Owners Initial Mailing, Test 1 Quarterly In-Market 3 Mailing Months Time based on Test 2 in-market In-Market predictive model Sign on to site -Capture profile for future activity Test 3 In-Market + 3 Months Ongoing Efforts Behavior-Based Triggers Behavior Trigger Based on owner Request A brochure action taken on Lexus.com LFS Welcome Credit Card Surveys Dealer 1:1 Launch Efforts Owner Site In-Statement Comm. Comm. Comm. Behavior Trigger Build Your Lexus
  • Lead generation to lead incubation Dealer processes Handraisers Owners / Prospects Nonresponders
  • Lead generation to lead incubation How are leads scored? Handraisers are scored using a 3-dimensional data model: 1. READINESS How close to purchase? Visited a dealer? Financial deadlines (i.e., end of lease) Behavioral Indications (i.e., quote request) 2. APPROPRIATENESS Lifestyle matches Lexus profile Live in dealer PMA Other Lexus vehicles in household Occupation 3. WILLINGNESS 1. Is Lexus the preferred brand? 2. Identified a dealer? 3. Considering competitors? Score is constantly being updated based on consumer responses
  • Lead generation to lead treatment SEGMENT GOAL DESIRED ACTION BUYERS Enable transition to dealer by Will purchase in the next 3 educating consumer about GO TO DEALER months and are very likely dealer and encouraging to purchase a Lexus contact/visit. INCUBATORS Foster a relationship over Ready to purchase in 4-12 time, cultivating consumer GET READY FOR months and are well suited to purchase a Lexus towards purchase. DEALER LONG SHOTS Not likely to purchase a Convince consumer that INCREASE LIKELIHOOD Lexus, but some may be Lexus is the right choice. TO VISIT DEALER converted to Buyer or Incubator UNKNOWNS Consumers who have not ENABLE DEALER TO provided Lexus with Learn more about the consumer. FOCUS TIME ON enough information to score READY CONSUMERS RECYCLERS More than 12 months from Stay in touch over long SEND TO DEALER purchasing. Lifestyle and period. WHEN TIME IS RIGHT vehicle history indicates low likelihood to purchase a Lexus
  • Repurposed imagery from new model brochures, print and e-version
  • Viewpoint 3 Changing media landscape Owner-in-market & lead treatment Other one-to-one communications Wrapup, Q&A
  • Inconsistent brand message?
  • One-to-One Communications Dealer focused, dealer funded Level 3 advertising integration Quantifiable return on investment
  • Each piece unique & dealer branded
  • One-to-One trends The Net Promoter metric asks whether or not your customers will refer the brand to friends and colleagues, however, were after a more refined advocacy that Ill define as an irrational willingness to defend the brand
  • Final Perspective Changing media landscape Owner-in-market & lead treatment Other one-to-one communications Wrapup, Q&A
  • Final Perspective Media consumption changes rapidly; its our challenge to find out what those changes are! Leverage technology to improve relevancy. An accurate view of each customer allows you to develop a relationship that leads to extra sales gross, shorter purchase cycles, advocacy Test, test, test. Youll find incremental improvements in your communication that resonate with prospects and customers
  • Questions & Answers [email protected]