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  2. 2. The seats in your car are important and hold as much value as the exterior of your car. Start by installing our custom fit car seat covers. We also make seat covers for trucks.
  3. 3. Saddle Blanket Seat Covers are durable & comfortable. These Seat Covers can manage the toughest jobs or the roughest morning commute.
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  5. 5. Canvas Seat Covers are great choice for protecting your seats from work, pets, kids, or everyday wear and tear.
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  7. 7. Neoprene Seat Covers are great choice for swimmers, surfers or any one who needs waterproof car seat covers.
  8. 8. Protect your vehicle with this classic look. Cambridge Tweed Seat Covers woven textured fabric will provide miles of protection Spot clean using a mild fabric cleaner
  9. 9. Cambridge Tweed Seat Covers
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  11. 11. Max Protect Performance Ballistic Seat Covers are top choice for work vehicles or when traveling with pets. Water resistant and easy to clean.
  12. 12. Ballistic Seat Covers
  13. 13. Saddleman take prides to offer a diverse and innovative line of products. Our custom made seat covers range from timeless classics, work horse durability or a soft and luxurious feel. We have something for everyone.
  14. 14. For information regarding our products OR any questions concerning an existing order . Please use the following contact information. 1-800-883-9919 973-785-8577