Custom Seat Covers for Pleasant Car Interiors

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  1. 2. Seat Covers
    • Seats occupy the most of the space inside
    • your car
    • Seats determine the quality of moments and
    • pleasure that you can expect while riding
  2. 3. Car Seat Covers
    • If the seats are vibrant and cozy;you will have
    • greater comfort and convenience while riding
    • That makes it important to maintain car seats
  3. 4. Car Seat Covers
    • Protection of car seats against hazards and
    • abuses is not easy
    • However, with quality seat covers it could
    • be a hassle-free activity
  4. 5. Car Seat Covers Thus, getting the effective car seat coversis the best seat care solution But, how to get the effective car seat covers?
  5. 6. How to get the effectivecar seat covers? Car seat covers must be strong, reliable, andcost-effective Your car seat covers should fulfillyour specific needs and taste as well
  6. 7. Car Seat CoversTypes
    • Two basic types of seat covers:
          • Custom car seat covers
          • Universal seat covers
  7. 8. Car Seat Covers Custom Car Seat Covers vs. Universal Seat Covers
  8. 9. Universal Seat Covers Universal car seat covers are tailored formost of the car makes and models andmay or may not fit perfectly.
  9. 10. Custom Seat Covers Custom seat covers are specially preparedkeeping the specifics of your car make andmodel in mind.
  10. 11. Custom Seat Covers What Makes Them Effective?
    • Custom car seat covers are very effective auto
    • accessories.
    • Key Features:
      • Perfect fitting for greater seat care and comfort
      • Breathable, soft, elegant, and user-friendly
      • Wide range of patterns and materials
      • Great for personalized car interiors
  11. 12. Coverking Custom SeatCoversOptions Galore!
  12. 13. More Custom Seat Covers:
    • Leatherette Seat Covers
    • Poly Cotton Seat Covers
    • Saddle Blanket Seat Covers
    • Tweed Seat Covers
    • NeoSupreme Seat Covers
    • Spacer Mesh Seat Covers
  13. 14. Neoprene Custom Seat Covers:
  14. 15. Genuine Leather CustomSeat Covers
    • Key Features:
    • Made of premium quality Italian leather
    • Excellent for natural car interiors
    • Superb breathability for weather-friendly seats
    • Rigorously tested for 300 hours of UV weathering
  15. 16. Ballistic Custom Seat Covers
    • Key Features:
    • Toughest among the seat covers available
    • Made of high density 1680 denier material
    • Exceptional UV protection with double PU coating
    • Waterproof inner coating for enhanced strength
  16. 17. Velour Custom Seat Covers
  17. 18. Leatherette Custom Seat Covers
    • Key Features:
    • Look and Feel of Genuine Leather at Cheap Cost
    • Elegant, Effective, and Durable
            • Superb Breathability
            • Can be Spot Cleaned with Wet Sponge
  18. 19. Poly Cotton Custom Seat Covers
    • Key Features:
    • Made of 100% pure cotton and polyester Materials
    • UV treated fabrics
    • Breathable and high temperature tolerance
    • Light weight and easy to use
  19. 20. Saddle Blanket CustomSeat Covers
    • Key Features:
    • Tri-layered Construction for Greater Protection
    • Pre-Tested Against Scratches, Frictions,
    • and Abrasions
    • Tough and Long Lasting
    • Exciting color rangeWine, Black, Tan, Blue etc
  20. 21. Tweed Custom Seat Covers
    • Key Features:
    • Effective for all Weather Protection
    • UV Treated for Superb UV Protection
    • Exceptional Breathability
    • For Wrinkle-Free, Classic Look
    • Several Vibrant Color Options
  21. 22. NeoSupreme CustomSeat Covers
  22. 23. Spacer Mesh CustomSeat Covers
    • Key Features:
    • Three Layered Construction for all Weather
    • Protection
            • Soft, spongy, and anti-aging fabric
            • 3-D look enhances look and feel
            • Choice of Several Vibrant Colors
  23. 24. Coverking Custom SeatCar CoversWhere to get? Covers4autooffers an extensive range ofCoverking custom seat covers.Get the custom car seat covers of your choice