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this is the slideshow of my digital photography class. i put that name because the pictures and the things that i learned are unforgettable...


  • 1.by: Susana Angel Roman 8B Unforgettable

2. This is a very significance name for me. For me unforgettable means all the things that I have learned in my class all of this pictures can be expressed in different ways between people, but for me these are likeunforgettable pictures that I have taken. I will never like forget all the things that I have learned in my digital photography elective on how to take pictures. 3. Photography is a great thing,You can capture every moment in every plece you are. You will never forget that moment if you take a simple picture. I really like this picture although some people don`t like it as much as me. This pictrure can be represented in different ways. 4. This is one of the pictures that i like the most. I named this picture yummy!, i find it really funny, but it does looks yummy For me this has been my best picture that I had take on this class. Although the focus of the first gum drops is not very good. 5. This photo I like the contrast of the person and the wall, and also how the effect of the black looks on the photo. 6. In this semester in digital photography I have learned how to takegood pictures. Although I'm not an expert. I have learned when is a good time to take a picture, what is the light that I have to use, how to focus thecamera and to take a picture not out of focus and much more. I really liked this class. 7. This is my favorite kind of pictures, beach pictures, this one for me expresses peace and joy. 8. I will like how to learn to take pictures like dark but the subject that is on the middle is like with like, like the pictures thatroberto gedeon took, the fruit ones. I rellylike thouse pictures and will like to learn how to take those pictures, also pictures with focus on one object, but the backround outof focusI know how to take thouse pictures but like practice it more.