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  • E V O L V E D I N D I C C R A F T


  • key features of caravan toy collection

    Natural & Organic, Interactive, Educational, Engaging, Hand Crafted, Conformance to EU Safety Standards

    CODE: T3JT016FIYE00

    Figure ToysA plump little pig, a goat with a beard and a dog

    that loves to draw. Share these cutewooden friends with your child as you read out from

    the picture book inside.


    Sniff ...sniff...sniff...Sneeze... Sneeze... Sneeze!Aa-choo..aa-choooHanky Please?"

    3+ Years

    Sneezy Go-Tates Dug

    Rolling RattlesChee-zee, Fro-gee & No-zee are the three

    fun loving friends that rolled out of Toyland. They jingle as they roll. Your little one will love

    to roll them & hear them jingle.

    "Fro-gee, Fro-gee to and fro, Roll me, roll me, see me go.

    CODE: T1PH002FIOR00

    1+ Years

    CODE: T1PH001FIGL00

    CODE: T1PH003FIGR01




    "Come, lets levitate.Up, up, up...Dont hesitate. "Dig, Dug, dig. A circle, a square.Dig, Dug, Dig.

    A Diamond if you dare

    "No-zee, run,run...No, no, no!Roll me, roll me,See me go.

    "Chee-zee, Chee-zee, go, go, go.Roll me, roll me, to and fro

  • Caravan Toys

    Caravans range of toys are meticulously handcrafted to create interesting and educational companions for young children.

    Each toy is designed to stimulate imagination, improve motor skills and enhance knowledge. Natural materials and organic colours make the toys

    environment friendly and safe to use. The range Is created adhering to EU standards of safety for children.

    CODE: T2PH006FIGR01

    2+ Years

    PuzzlesCaravan's engaging tactile puzzles are educational and

    creative. With multiple engagement possibilities help your child understand size gradation, shape,

    balance and colours the fun way.

    Round little cactus in a pot, lots of fun for a tiny tot!

    A 3D fish puzzle to tease your grey cells

    Cactus Stacktus Fish in Bits Frosty Scoops

    "Ice cream, Ice cream Oh so cold!How many scoops can yours hold?"


    CODE: T4PH028FIYE00 | CODE: T4PH028FIOR00 | CODE: T4PH028FIGR01

    TopsFun spinning tops handcrafted in

    wood and natural colours. See the funny faces of Mr. Muchhi with a

    different expression in every spin

    4+ Years

    " Keep em spinning

    Fridge MagnetsFridge magnets in various shapes

    handcraftedin natural colours

    Changing Faces of Mr. MuchhiCheese

    Hedgehog Lady Bug

    CODE: T8UT040FIRE00

    CODE: T8UT040FIOR00

    CODE: T8UT040FIGR02

    Lady Bug

    CODE: T8UT039FIGR02

    CODE: T8UT039FIRE00

    CODE: T8UT039FIOR00


    CODE: T8UT038FIGR02

    CODE: T8UT038FIRE00

    CODE: T8UT038FIOR00


    6+ Years

    3+ Years

  • Channapatna Lacquerware

    It is believed that Tipu Sultan invited craftsmen from Persia (now Iran)thin the 18 century to train people in Channapatna, to make

    lacquered wooden toys. The artisans turnout a variety of products by chiselling out blocks of wood spinning on a lathe machine.

    The natural dyes & lacquer make the products eco-friendly and safe for use by children.

    "An innovative knitting tool that encourages creativity

    CODE: T6CR037FIOR00

    6 + Years

    CODE: T6CR037FIGR02

    Toadstool KnitterShaped like a toadstool, this wooden knitting

    tool is fun and easy to use. Let your little ones get crafty and explore their creative side.

    CODE: T6CR037FIRE00

    6 + Years

    Story SpinnerA colourful wooden spinner with different icons on

    each disc makes story making and telling so much more fun. Let your child's imagination fly as she/he spins out a new story each time.

    Turn a Tale

    CODE: T6CR035FIMC00

    "Adding a new twistto story time

  • Heads Tails EtcA set of heads and tails of three creatures from the

    animal kingdom made in wood. Your child will love to mix and match them to create funny and strange new animals.

    Handcrafted in Channapatna, the toy-town, from sustainable wood and natural, non-toxic dyes and lacquer.

    A little bit orabbit, a little bit o' duck, is it a Dubit or a Rabbuck?"

    CODE: T3CR008FIMC00

    3+ Years


    Cat, Rabbit, Duck Fish, Chick, HippoCaterpillar, Snail, Hippo

    3 + Years

    CODE: T3ED013FIMC00

    CODE: T3ED011FIMC00

    Three little creatures born from three little eggs

    CODE: T3ED010FIMC00

    Learning ToyBirds are not the only thing born from eggs. A set of

    three wooden eggs, help your child understand this. As they mix and match the creatures to their eggs,

    your little ones also learn about color matching.

    Frog, Fish, Turtle

    Chick, Crow, Parrot

    Bee, Caterpillar, Ladybird

    Caravans Mission

    Caravan attempts to bridge the gap between the rich reservoir of traditional Indian craftsmanship and the evolving needs of contemporary living.

    In so doing, it seeks to revive a diverse and glorious artistic heritage and aims to protect the livelihood of artisans.

    A little bit o hippo, a little bit o snail, Mix em, play Head & Tails

    A little bit o hippo, a little bit o chick, Mix em up in a flick!

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