The art of amazing travel photography

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    By MiroHenzel

    The Art of Amazing Travel Photography: Travel Photographer FilipKulisev

    The Art of Amazing Travel Photography:

    Travel Photographer Filip Kulisev

    Do you love travel photography and great photos? Lets meet Filip Kulisev, traveler, explorer and European Landscape Photographer of the year 2012.


  • You will learn: Who is Filip Kulisev How did he get started with travel photography What are the most photogenic locations How is he traveling The hardest to get photography What kind of technical equipment he is using What are his tips for people starting out with travel photography If he is using post-processing And how many countries he will travel this year

    Who is Filip Kulisev?

    Filip is a talented photographer from Europe and Master Qualified European Photographer (52 top Europeanphotographers have already received a Master degree for their supreme quality).

  • Filips photos have been part of more than 180 individual exhibitions in Slovakia, Monaco, Sydney, Vienna,Washington, Cleveland, Las Vegas, Prague, Budapest, Brussels, Vancouver, Rome, Moscow and Malta.

    How did you get started with travel photography?

    When I was a small child, I loved geography.I was painting maps and I had studied all mountain ranges, river systems, and world capitals, it was something thatcaught me (fascinated me) so strongly.

  • But first, I started with simple traveling; I mean vacations after I finished school with a specialization in Tourism. So Itook my first photos while traveling the world.

    After some time, photography had become my hobby, and it was only question of time before myhobby grew into my job.

    What kind of traveler are you?

    Honestly, I spend at least 6 months per year traveling. I do not travel constantly, so I always come back home andafter some time I hit the road again. I dont want to position myself as a backpacker or any other kind of traveler; everything from a tent to 5-star hotel isgreat.

  • My biggest interest as a traveler is nature and natural sceneries and less about culture, cities or people. I prefer exotic locations and remote places that are hard to reach. I travel only individually and always with my wife, Zuzka. I need time for my photos, so I do not hurry while traveling.

    I always start to travel like this:

    Depending on the country and location, once I arrive at the airport I pick up an Off-Roader or Caravan.I often need a local guide that can help me get to the places that are hard to find or require special permits to visit.

    What are the most photogenic locations?

    Here belong the most notoriously known places like Alaska, Hawaii, western USA and Patagonia that are absolutelyfantastic.

  • In Europe it is Iceland; every time you travel here, you will find something new and interesting. Australia and New Zealand offer some amazing places.

  • I love the Pacific Islands, like Polynesia and Melanesia and remote islands that make you feel like youare the only one there.

    The desert areas of Namibia should be also mentioned.

    What was the hardest location for amazing travel photography?

    Many people will think about some special remote location, but mostly these are the places where you can get reallyeasy. The hardest places are the places like Yellowstone Park, which are hit by massive amounts of tourism and where youare not allowed to fly over in a helicopter. Places where you need special permits or where you are generally notallowed to take photos.

    These kinds of photos are unique and I like to photograph these places from different angles.

    It took me two years to get a permit to fly over Yellowstone Park and I was not successful, but I knew that some aerialphotos already exist and also BBC and National Geographic made some aerial videos over the Yellowstone. So the next 9 months, I kept trying to get this permission until I found the right person and finally I got a green lightbased on the work that I had done already.

    I was hanging out of the Helicopter and taking wonderful panoramic photos.

  • What kind of technical equipment are you using?

    I grow up with diapositives, photographic films, Linhof, medium format photography and Linhof medium formatpanoramic camera. I always think about what I want to photograph and take small amounts of photos, likely because I was used to thetime before digital photography. Basically, if you used 220 film in Linhof, you were only able to take six photos, so you were really thinking a lot aboutwhether it is worth taking this photograph.This mentality has stayed with me even though I have moved to digital photography. Now I use Canon with solid glass from Carl Zeiss.

  • I keep cameras and all technical equipment in my bags and my wife Zuzka carries all necessary cables and chargesand I always carry two tripods, but I try to minimize the amount of techniques based on the trip we make.

    What are your tips for people starting out with travel photography?

    First of all, you should love it, and make that your primary goal do not just do it for money.You need to have your own process and signature style (Filip makes nature photography), so you create a brand withyour name. Photographic techniques depend on the photographic genre (Filip uses Carl Zeiss and Canon)

    What about image post-processing?

    I am not a big Photoshop expert, and I do not have a lot of time to research how to get the best form of each imagethat way. I make sure that I have enough time to concentrate and to take a great photo. It all depends on each individual and how much time they want to spend on the computer; I choose to spend my timein nature, I have other priorities than to take challenges about what software to use to maximize the improvements ofeach of my photos, I am also a little bit old fashioned in this way. I also used the advantage of being an amateur photographer, I made photos for myself not for someone else and I

  • do what makes me happy and have no pressure from the outside, only the pressure to get the best of me in order tocreate travel photo collection for my exhibitions that people will love.

    Where will you travel next?

    I will travel to Russia and Scandinavia in August, then to Monaco for a few days. In September, I am in USA andCanada, and finally, in October I am flying to Australia and Pacific.

    Do you want to see more of Filips travel photos, check them out here Amazing Planet

    The Art of Amazing Travel Photography: Travel Photographer Filip KulisevThe Art of Amazing Travel Photography: Travel Photographer Filip KulisevWho is Filip Kulisev?How did you get started with travel photography?What kind of traveler are you?I always start to travel like this:

    What are the most photogenic locations?What was the hardest location for amazing travel photography?What kind of technical equipment are you using?What are your tips for people starting out with travel photography?What about image post-processing?Where will you travel next?