Smoke Photography And Smoke Art

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  • 1. 35 Elegant Smoke Photographs Magicnikon Dry ice was put in the bottle to get this great image. Hughes Lglise-Bataille

2. Selva Morales Ibai Acevedo Larraaga 3. Alberich Mathews Wonderful fantasy image. 4. italian.meatball Frances Dre 5. icewomanfirst moczkos 6. Corica No HDR in use. Wolfgang Schlegl 7. olvwu Greg Cope 8. brents pix Howya 9. cubanito ubierno 10. lapebo 11. Mohammad Moniruzzaman Stephan Bollinger 12. Lumendipity StarGazer Smoke from a small piece of dry ice looks like a mini-hurricane. 13. Alfredo M. Montesdeoca 14. Terry McCormick 15. Kalamakia G. Chorus 16. Alicia en Sheffield 17. Stuck in Customs 18. e20ci 19. Tony Hopkinson The smoke thats produced in explosive interaction with electricity: [via] Mehmet Ozgur 20. Josh Beeman puma100 21. Lamont Hardy Experiment with a lightbulbs filament. Dubi Feiner 22. 25 Smoke Art Eddie Mayda Roll-Up by Eddie Mayda. Fluid and aerodynamics are technical interests of mine. It is so entertaining to be able to combine my technical side with a little bit of art. The forms that result from a simple stick of burning incense defy the imagination and catching them is a sport! Jay PH 23. Will Cook 24. Steve Wampler 25. dxsibo Mehmet Ozgur Stunning image of smoke shaped in Photoshop to resemble a woman. This technique is often referred to as smoke sculpture. 26. J.Auchinleck Great image made by layering pictures of smoke and mirroring them to make it symmetrical. Ceekybikerboy Blue waves of smoke. 27. Paul C Anderson 28. Larry Grace Beautifully symmetrical smoke photograph. 29. Sdx76 Per Zangenberg This natural smoke wisp looks like a torso. 30. CowGummy Greypaw 31. Mehmet Ozgur Lumendipity