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  • e s t 2 0 0 6l o n d o n

    Studio Two

  • STUDIO two

    700 sq ft Daylight Make up station with - Hollywood lighting Bowens

    pre lit with extra kit on request Fully self contained Colorama, Green

    Screen and Blackout Close to Brixton Tube & Rail Wifi

    studio two specifications

  • Behind the scenes

  • clients



    304 B



    N ROA



    4 Barr




    4 Barr



    302-304 Barrington Road

    studio sizes: Height: 3.60M width: 5.33M Length: 6M

    click on each zone to view google tour

  • Location & Extras

    local catering for your well deserved break pimp your shoot with our local specialist connections

    Simulacra Studio Thats us! Within easy access to Brixton Stations and local amenaties.

    Franco Manca Pizza! from slow-rising sourdough, baked in a wood burning oven.

    Fujiyama Sushi, Bento Box & beyond...

    Federation Coffee A coffee shop for connoisseurs of single bean brew.

    Honest Burgers Arguably the best, reasonably priced burger in London.

    Transport Brixton train station: 5 minute walk / Brixton underground: 7 minute walk

    Eat And Shoot Specialist studio and location caterer.

    Prangsta Costumiers Beautiful bespoke costumes of magnificent splender.

    Les Couilles Du Chien Supplier of unusual antique and decorative items.

    National Theatre We are just a few steps away from the National Theatre Costume and Prop Hire Department, in case you need them.

    In House Prop Workshop To devise, build and create your set.

    Pixipixel Custom lighting & digital solutions

    Coldharbour lane






    on Ro




  • I have used Simulacra half a dozen times in the last 12 months for vid-eo shoots of fight scenes. The railway arch provided a superb back-drop for what we wanted to shoot and so we kept coming back. The staff are friendly and helpful and it represents good value compared to a lot of

    studios that are far less interesting.

    Andrew Fraser - Film Director

    I use Simulacra Studio on regular occasions and am constantly in contact with Francios. Every shoot Francios and his team have been very

    professional and gone above and beyond our expectations nothing is too much trouble for him. Great space to shoot in, as well with an added extra of the outside! I would recommend the use of this studio to every-

    one looking for something in Brixton.

    Sarah Hillyer - shooting beauty

    Simulacra Studio is an amazing studio! It has a lot of space for letting your creations come to life as well as brilliant facilities. The calm and friendly atmosphere is a pleasure to use. Id highly recommend this studio for all

    your media needs!

    Jasz Vegas - Yell review

    I used Simulacra Studio first time in Dec 2013 and was totally impressed by the quality of the studio 1 that we hired. The makeup/styling room was fully equipped and organized and the studio had so much atmosphere and character. The pricing of the studio was far more reasonable then most other alternatives considering the quality of service and attention afforded by Francoise. He was around all the time, making sure we had all we needed. There are parking spaces available, which is quite handy when you carry a lot of clothing for the shoot. I will not hesitate to recommend

    this lovely studio to whoever might need using them.

    Fariba Soltani - Google review

    Francois and his team were incredibly welcoming, friendly and profes-sional, and made a long day filming at the studios an absolute treat for our team. The space itself is fantastic and lends itself to a creative and relaxed shooting environment. Staff did their best too accommodate us and our somewhat unusual requirements, and were extremely generous

    with their time and expertise. I cant recommend Simulacra studio highly enough!

    Rachel Ramsay - rdf television

    Brilliant space, extremely well equipped and mega helpful staff. Post production was beyond efficient with enthusiasm and professionalism that took me by surprise. You dont often find people prepared to go the extra mile and good customer service is something of a rarity these days so

    massive thumbs up to the Simulacra Studio boys!

    Sara Fitch - Events Organiser

    This is a great studio. I needed a professional space (with parking) at a moments notice for Christmas editorials to be shot and on both occasions the staff delivered. The space for me was the most important thing as we were building various light sets through out the day and the staff played a blinder. I would definitely recommend this place for working pro photographers in London.

    Sheradon Dublin - Google review

    I shot art photography intensively for 4 days : 9-6 each day. Thus I can high-ly recommend this studio, gear and staff. Excellent preparation, support and space. Great model changing. Controllable lighting. Quite a few re-liable monoblocs, reflectors. Back-grounds were pre-rigged efficient-ly. Hire gear was collected returned for a small fee on my behalf. I really enjoyed the good humoured profes-sional atmosphere.

    Michael Taylor - Photographer

    Simulacra Reviews

  • KIT

    We can provide any equipment you may require(Briese, Broncolour, Profoto, HMI and Elinchrom &digital operators). We are supplied by Pixipixel.

    Addtional equipment available at the studio

    Equipment included in your booking2 Bowens Gemini 500 watt2 Bowens Portable Light Stands2 Bowens Straight Mains Leads - 6m1 Bowens Straight Sync Lead - 4m1 Bowens Trigger and Receiver1 60x80cm Bowens Softbox1 90cm Bowens Umbrella1 Manfrotto Tripod with 3 Way Head1 Bowens Spill Kill ReflectorPoly BoardsPoly Board Stands

    Free InternetFree Tea & CoffeeFree On Site Secure Parking


    colorama available in the studio

    21 80





    95 81





    96 51






    94 23




    70 39


    92 84



    04 50





    73 05





    84 36





    44 87





    studio sizes: Height: 3.60M width: 5.33M Length: 6M

    Full day Mon-Fri 10am-6pm 160Full day Sat-Sun 10am-6pm 175halF day Mon-Fri 10am-2pm or 2pm-6pm 90 Hourly 30

    Octagonal Speedbox 120cm + Grid 5

    Barn Door Set 4 Gels & Honeycomb Grid 5

    120cm 5 in 1 Reflector 5

    80cm Reflector - Silver/White 5

    20cm 5 in 1 Reflector 5

    2K Arri Blonde 15

    1K Fresnel 10

    600w Fresnel 7.50

    LED Parcan RGB 25

    Ianiro 3 x 800w Redhead kit 35

    Interfit Cool-Lite 3 5200K 15

    Interfit Cool-Lite 5 5200K 15

    Interfit Softbox & Shower Cap & Beauty Dish 5

    Dimmer Pack 7.50

    12 x 12 ft Overhead Diffuser 25

    Cloth Green Screen 6 x 3m 15

    Lee Gel 5 per metre

    Drum Fan 15

    500 Turbo Wind Machine 15

    Reflector Holder & Stand 5

    Industrial Smoke Machine 15

    Bowens Portable Light Stand 5

    Manfrotto Ball Head 5

    C Stands 5

    Junior Roller Stand 5

    Manfrotto Sliver Super Boom + 5 kg Weight 10

    9FT Background Support System 10

    12FT Heavy Duty Background Support System 25

    Super Clamp Grip Head 2

    Selection of C Form Extension & Jumpers

    Selection of Clamps, Stands & Tools

    Bowens 500 20

    Bowens 200 10

    Bowens Pulsar Trigger and Receiver System 10

    Bowen Strip Box 5

    Spill Kill Reflector 5

    109cm Black/Silver Bowens Umbrella 5

    90cm Bowens Umbrella 5

    Softbox 75 x 150cm 5

    Spill Kill Reflector Grid set 5

    Bowens Softbox 60 x 80cm 5

    Snoot and Honeycomb 5

    Bowens 56cm Beauty Dish 5

    Bowens 48cm Beauty Dish with Honeycomb Gid & 5Shower Cap

    Bowens 40 Sunlite Reflector 5

    Bowens Supersoft 600 Diffuser 5

  • Food menu

    Mimosa baguette platter with brie & tomato (v). Fresh ham & mushroom, huomous & grated carrot (V)

    & salami & gherkin, greek salad (v)

    Menu A 7.50 per person

    Mimosa fudge brownie or golden gyrup flapjack

    Classic quiche served with grated carrot salad & lentil saladmimosa fudge brownie or golden syrup flapjack

    Menu B 9.50 per person

    Choise of Moroccan chicken skewer, Roaseed salmon & prawn skeweror goats cheese & roasted vegetable (v) ( 2 skewers a person)Grated caroot salad & Moroccan tabouleh lemon or plum tartlet

    Menu C 11.00 per person

    Minimum order 60, ch