London Food Photography by Michael Michaels, London food Photograper

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Michael Michaels is a London food Photographer and has been shooting food for over 20 years in is London Studio. Here is some of Michael Michaels published food photography which has been used primarily for packaging and advertising. Michael is a specialist food photographer based in West London and shoos food for various clients, including Morrisons, Hovis, YooMoo, Tesco, Spar, DairyGold, Uncle Bens and many more. For more information, please call him on 020 8964 5555


  • 1. Some of My Published Work Food Mix

2. Foxs Biscuits 3. Foxs Biscuits 4. DairyGold 5. DairyGold 6. DairyGold 7. M 8. Tesco Frozen 9. Reddy Cooking Oil