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  2. 2. Genre conventions. Our opening uses many conventions of Thrillers. These include: blood, increases of ambient sound and fast pace editing to add to intensity. Another film that uses this is Fight Club in the changeover scene in which the narrator discovers that he is Tyler Durden and all of the past hour an a half of the movie flashes back into his memory in the way that they really are. This is similar to the end of our opening when Scarlett wakes up and sees that there is blood on her hands. Fight Club changeover scene. (Watch from 2:00) UCIWh8u8 End of opening. (Watch from 2:00)
  3. 3. Use of music. The opening background music is somewhat eerie like The Machinist. Although The Machinists opening music is somewhat more aggressive. Which supports the genre conventions of Thrillers. In the bathroom scene the crescendo of the music and the heartbeat, the intensity provoked in the scene supports conventions. However in the party scene the music is more up-beat which subverts conventions. Wrong Path Opening Music
  4. 4. Unique Selling Point. Our unique selling point is that, apart from the murdering our opening is quiet an accurate representation of one type of teenage. Unlike many other films that are made about teenagers by adults that dont represent teenagers in an accurate way.