Unit 1 Unit 1 The media czl@ahut.edu.cn Unit 1 The media  Activity 1 The Media Activity 1  Activity 2 Newspapers Activity 2  Activity 3 Listening

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Text of Unit 1 Unit 1 The media czl@ahut.edu.cn Unit 1 The media  Activity 1 The Media Activity 1 ...

  • English in Current AffairsUnit 1 The mediaczl@ahut.edu.cn

  • Unit 1 The mediaActivity 1 The MediaActivity 2 NewspapersActivity 3 Listening to a ConversationActivity 4 Finding Your Way around a NewspaperActivity 5 News in Conversation(Listening)Activity 6 Reading More Newspaper Articles ( Supplementary materials)

  • Activity 1Task 1: Mass MediaTask 2: Examples of Mass MediaTask 3: Spreading News

  • Task 1 Mass Media What does mass media mean to you?Does it equal to multimedia?Mass: a large numberMedia: You can refer to television, radio, newspapers and magazines as the media. The mass media are television, radio, and newspaper. E.g. The mass media now play an increasing role in shaping our opinions.

  • Task 2 Examples of Mass MediaTV and radio programmes FilmsAdsthe Internet* News agencies are responsible for spreading information to newspapers so news agencies can also be classed as an example of media.

  • Task 3 Spreading NewsPress: all published newspapers and magazines.Newspaper: the oldest and most basic type of mass media.Newspapers & magazines(Generally speaking, zero article is used in front of the names of magazines)

  • Activity 2 NewspapersTask 1 A News ItemTask 2 Identifying Personal Details Task 3 Distinguishing Fact from ConjectureTask 4 Expressing Fact and ConjectureTask 5 Avoiding Repetition Task 6 Examining Newspaper HeadlinesTask 7 Other Aspects of the Article

  • Task 1. A News ItemText 1: Good-bye Fergie (P.13) 1. Skim Text 1 and do the choices on P.12 2. Who are the main characters in Text 1? 3. This part is mainly about_______. 4. How do you understand the title of this article?

  • Task 2 Identifying Personal Details (P.14)Now lets go to the detailed info of Text 1.Ask at least one question about the contents of Text 1 by using the W5H1 ( the basic 6 factors of news-reporting ).

    There is one more name : Forgie(in the title)

  • Task 3. Distinguishing Fact from Conjecture(P.15)

    Conjecture: is the formation of ideas or opinions from incomplete or doubtful information.Sensational: 1. Something that is ~ is so remarkable that it causes great excitement and interest. 2. You can describe sth. as ~ when you think that it is extremely good.Scandalous: immoral and shocking

  • Task 4Expressing Fact and Conjecture(P.16)

  • Task5 Avoiding Repetition (P.18)

  • Task6 Examining Newspaper Headlines(P.19)Headline: Features of Headlines1. A ~ is the title of a newspaper story, printed in large letters at the top of the story. E.g. The headlines that day were full of news of the kidnapping. 2. The headlines are also the main points of the news which are read on radio or TV. E.g. And now for the main headlines again.

  • Task7 Other Aspects of the Article (P.20)The author/writer of the article.Related articles ( comments, certain features )Three types of articles: (news) reports, features, and leaders.

  • Activity 3 (P.22)Listening to a Conversation Task 1: Identifying Names of PublicationsTask 2: Listen for DetailsTask 3: Extracting InformationTask 4: Listen for Specific Information

  • Activity 4 Finding Your Way around a NewspaperTask 1 Components of NewspaperTask 2 Which section?Task 3 Selecting HeadlinesTask 4 Identifying Features of Headlines

  • Task 1: Components of Newspaper(P.26)1.caption: the words printed underneath a picture or cartoon which explain what it is about. 2. An announcement 3. An ad. 4. A cartoon. 5. A contents list 6. A book review. 7. An editorial 8. A headline. 9. Whats on 10. A crossword

  • Task 2: Which section?(P.29)Indicate the newspaper section:1. Milosevic says 'sorry' in prison interview2. Pickpockets menace tourists in Paris3. Coke, Nike unaffected by spreading US gloom4. Five years in jail for the Mormon with five wives5. Moscow to get Diana statue by flamboyant sculptor.6. Kangaroo tail 'bribe' has poll rival hopping7. Mexican president marries spokesman8. Short stature linked to shorter life: study9. Top Wimbledon seed to Sampras10. Drugs give gamblers relief from temptations

  • Task 3: Selecting Headlines(P.30)You seldom need to read a news item intensively.Find out what has happened, what interests us.Headlines will guide us.Identify the NEW info / KNOWN info

  • Task 4: Identifying Features of Headlines(P.32)( Source: Slides 35-38)

  • Activity 6 Reading More Newspaper ArticlesTask 1: W5H1Task 2. (Text 2) Man kills family (P.40) hysterical: a. [1] uncontrollably emotional or agitated [2] of hysteria; relating to ~ verdict: [1] any judgment or decision; [2] the finding of a jury in a court of law (Text 3) Family Woman Saw Red over Blue Movie

  • 89-year-old sails across Atlantic twice

    An 89-year-old grandmother has fulfilled a lifetime ambition by finishing an 8,000-mile round trip across the Atlantic. Helen Tew arrived back in Beaulieu River Sailing Club, Hants, in a 26ft boat designed by her late husband 60 years' ago. Mrs Tew said that she had been inspired to make the crossing ever since her father refused to let her join him on a similar trip in 1934.

  • Hillary's brother caught in the act by jealous fianceBy Ben Fenton in Washington(Filed: 22/08/2001)

  • Hillary's brother caught in the act by jealous fiancBy Ben Fenton in Washington(Filed: 22/08/2001) HILLARY CLINTON's brother Tony Rodham has been beaten up by a jealous man who allegedly caught him making love to the man's fiance, police said yesterday.The alleged incident happened while Mr Rodham was staying at his family's holiday home at Lake Winola, near Scranton, Pennsylvania, last weekend.He was allegedly engaged in sexual intercourse with 36-year-old Kelly Quick at about 5am on Sunday when her fianc, Daniel Coyne, climbed over the railings of the cottage's porch and spotted them through a window.

  • According to court documents, Mr Coyne walked into the building and confronted the couple, kicking Mr Rodham and shouting at him. The commotion awoke Hugh Rodham, the former First Lady's other brother, who arrived and ordered Mr Coyne to leave the house. It is alleged that the 45-year-old shop steward at a local timber mill returned shortly afterwards and attacked Tony Rodham again. He later surrendered to police and was charged with burglary and assault.

  • Both of Mrs Clinton's brothers have caused repeated embarrassment to their sister through their efforts to exploit their relationship with her. Tony Rodham, who is 47, was in the news recently after Congress began an investigation into his efforts to obtain pardons for friends from Bill Clinton in the final days of his presidency.He has worked in the past as an insurance salesman, prison guard, repossession enforcer and private investigator. Mr Rodham, who is living in Washington, lists his present occupation as a "consultant". He was married to Nicole Boxer, daughter of Senator Barbara Boxer of California, but the marriage ended in divorce last year.

  • Affairs(=events and info)(P.6)Affair:1. an event or a situation when you are talking about it very generally. E.g. The wedding was a quiet affair An enquiry will be connected into the whole affair. 2. affairs refer to all the important facts or activities that are connected with a particular subject. E.g. a specialist in Eastern European affairscurrent affairs(=events and info that are related to our present lives):political and social events which are discussed in newspapers and on television and radio programmes. E.g. the BBCs current affairs programmes.

  • Current(P.6)Something that is current is happening, being done or being used at the present time(NOW, THESE DAYS).e.g. Our current methods of production are too expensive The conversation shifted onto what is current in art and music.

  • Major News Agencies in the WorldXinhua News Agency XinhuaChina ()Reuter(s) News Agency Reuter B.()Associated Press AP USAUnited Press International UPIUSAAgence France-Press APF---F. ()Deutsche Presse Agentur DPA G. ()Ansa News Agency --- ANSA IT. ()Agencia Efe, S.A. --- EFESP. ()TASS USSR-- Kyodo News Agency KYODO JAP. ()Middle East News Agency MENA Egypt()

  • The Features of Newspaper Headlines(I)1. Abbreviations and acronyms are widely used. E.g.1. UFO sighted(UFO= unidentified flying object)E.g. 2. PM to see MP over foot and mouthPM= Prime Minister, MP= Member of ParliamentEU, WTO, WHO, NATO, UNESCO?

  • The Features of Newspaper Headlines(II)2. Omission of some words. 1) articles Boy, 7, Killed by Ejection From Cockpit of Navy Jet (= A boy, 7, killed by Ejection from the Cockpit of a navy jet) 2) linking verbs (The ) Bankers (keep/are) silent as (the) dollar falls 3) all forms of to bePompeii reported seriously damaged=Pompeii is reported to have been seriously damaged

  • The Features of Newspaper Headlines(III)4) pron. Anny and baby are well(=Anny and her baby are well)5) prep.Police killers jail death not unexpected(= the death in the jail of the man who killed a policeman)Sharp Refugee Rise Worries HK(=sharp rise in arrivals of refugees)

  • The Features of Newspaper Headlines(IV)3. Tenses often used in newspaper headlines 1) simple present to refer to a past event 2) to do to indicate the future 3) simple past to indicate the past event

  • 1) simple present to refer to a past event Heart pioneer Barnard dies CHRISTIAAN BARNARD, the South African surgeon who carried out the world's first heart transplant, died yesterday at the age of 78.