Inspirational yet funny – christmas quotes!

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Funny and inspirational quotes are written in a lot of Christmas cards for enhancing the effect of the message written in the card. They are inspirational and witty at the same time

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  • 1. Do you want to inspire and amuseyour loved ones with your Christmasgreetings at the same time? Whatcould be better than inspirationalyet funny Christmas Quotes?

2. The best of all gifts around anyChristmas tree: the presence of ahappy family all wrapped up ineach other.------ Burton Hillis 3. Do give books - religious orotherwise - for Christmas.They're never fattening,seldom sinful, andpermanently personal."-------Lenore Hershey 4. Christmas is a time whenyou get homesick - evenwhen you're home.-------- Carol Nelson 5. Nothing's as mean as giving alittle child something usefulfor Christmas.-------- Kin Hubbard 6. When we were children we weregrateful to those who filled ourstockings at Christmas time. Why arewe not grateful to God for filling ourstockings with legs?--------- G.K. Chesterton 7. Probably the reason we all go so haywire atChristmas time with the endless unrestrainedand often silly buying of gifts is that we don'tquite know how to put our love into words.---------- Harlan Miller 8. These are some popular quotes that are seen inChristmas cards. These funny quotes for Christmascards are not only appreciated for their wittinessbut also the deeper the meaning they carry. You canuse them along with your own personal messagesfor creating your card more special to the recipient