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BAROQUE1Baroque Period (late 16th and early 18th century )artistic style , exaggerated motion, clear, easily interpreted detail to produce drama, tension, exuberance , and a grandeur in Sculpture, Painting, Architecture, Literature , Dance and Music.- grew out of the Catholic pompand confidence accompanying the Counter-Reformation.

In 1517, Martin Luther triggered the Protestant Reformation, casting European-wide doubt on the value of the Roman Church. This led to a worldwide propaganda campaign ofCatholic Counter-Reformation art, launched by Rome, in which renewed patronage of architecture and the visual arts was a key element. This stimulated the emergence of the late sixteenth century anti-ManneristBolognese School, led by Annibale Carracci, and the seventeenth centuryBaroque artmovement.2Baroque Paintingsa reflection of the profound political and cultural changes then emerging across Europe.coincided, broadly speaking with the 17th century.Characteristics: Grandeur or sensuality strong emotional content naturalism or realism

classicism or 'the ideal'

Baroque PaintingsBaroque painting originated in Italy and spread north. One of its Italiancreators was Michelangelo da Caravaggio (1565-1609), whose bold andlight-bathed naturalism impressed many northern artists. The Italian influencewas evident in the works of Peter Paul Rubens (1557-1640), a well-knownFlemish artist who chose themes from pagan and Christian literature,illustrating them with human figures involved in dramatic physical action.Ruben also did portraits of Marie de Medicis and Queen Anne, at the Frenchcourt of Louis XIII. Another famous Baroque court painter was Diego Velasquez(1599-1660), whose canvases depict the haughty formality and opulence of theSpanish royal household. A number of Italian women were successful Baroquepainters, including Livonia Fontana (1552-1614), who produced pictures ofmonumental buildings, and Artemesia Gentileschi (1593-1652), a follower ofCaravaggio.

3Italian Baroque ( c. 1590- 1680)

Religious Works and ImagesChurchDynamicRise of the Catholic Religion and Protestant ReformsBrief BackgroundFrescosSaint Francis of Asisi in Ecstacy c. 1595 - CaravaggioAnnibale Carracci 1560-1609- Pieta (Italian)Picture 1Saint francis of asisi in ecstacy c 1595 caravaggio Picture 2FrescoPicture 3Annibale_Carracci_1560-1609_Pieta italian

4French Baroque (17th and early 18th cent.)

Spanish Baroque (1625-1660)

Below is the price of "8 The Infant Jesus Distributing Bread to Pilgrims Spanish Baroque Bartolom Esteban Murillo paintingsPicture 1

6Flemish Baroque

Picture 1Peter Paul Rubens (Flemish Baroque painter, 1577 1640) Helena Fourment with her Son FrancisThe Union of Earth and Water621-22 Peter Paul Rubens (Flemish Baroque painter, 1577-1640) Anne of Austria

7Dutch Baroque

DutchThe Anatomy Lesson of Dr. TulpCornelis de Heem A Still Life Of FruitGerard Terborch (Dutch Baroque Era painter, 1617-1681) - Woman Playing a Theorbo for Two Men8