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Greystone Park

Greystone manorBy Joe Kiff, Harrison Crick and Molly Robinson

Greystone manorThe genre of the film is Horror and it is set in Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital in Morris Plains, New Jersey.The themes of this film are thriller, horror and action and will contain the haunting of Greystone Park Asylum through the death of a patient.The films message conveys the horror that can haunt you if you treat people with little care.

Target AudienceCultured Intellectuals

These characters would definitely pay to watch the film Greystone Park as they have been watching horror films all their lives and enjoy the suspense and arty effects that are contained within these films.

The Opening SequenceScene 1:In the asylum the main character, Walter Babkins, is mentally unstable and therefore is held in the asylum for his previous actions. Doctors working there treat him awfully and therefore after all of his struggles Walter revolts by aggressive behaviour towards one of the workers when they give him his dinner. In anger a few of the doctors take him and inject a lethal injection, all behind closed doors. Walters death goes unnoticed and is not mentioned. Until one day which started as any normal day would, turned into one of the greatest hurricanes in New Jerseys history.Everybody is advised to stay inside wherever they may be. Which turns out to be bad news for the Asylum doctors.

Enigma codes

Why were the doctors abusive to Walter to start with?Why did Walter attack one of the doctors?How did the doctors kill Walter?Why did they kill him?What was the cause of the hurricane? Was it just a coincidence?What would cultured intellectuals think of our film?Would customers pay to see this film?Will the doctors regret killing Walter?

narrativeThere is little narrative which suits the horror genre. The characters (doctors) who will be haunted are oblivious to what will happen to them at the start of the film. The film is unique as the plot is different to any other similar horror.

MARKETINGShort adverts on popular film websites. Upload a trailer onto YouTube and promote the trailer in film introductions in the cinema. Radio adverts with listeners of our target audience. Posters along tube lines where a lot of our target audience will travel.

Greystone ManorCharactersThemesSimilar filmsLocations

John Malkovich Walter Babkin.A patient in the ward.Gets treated badly.Attempts to kill doctor.Gets killed secretly.Comes back to haunt.

Greystone Park.

Padded room for extreme patients Walter Babkin.

Room for multiple patients.

Doctor's not famous.Treat Walter Babkin badly.Asylum patients.Creepy.Revenge.Aggressive behaviour.Murder.Hurricane.DistructionLethal injection.


conclusionOur film will be low budget as we are not hiring well known actors. With high budget actors our film may not be seen as thrilling as they know the actors and realise it is just a film. We want our viewers to believe everything that is happening and not want to stop watching.BBFC Certificate: 18Thank you for listening. Any Questions?