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Fundesign part2

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Creating our own art with less than 3 Euros = $100 NT.

Text of Fundesign part2

2. Food When you do food Be careful with it. Come up with imagination 3. Snowman 4. Spring is here 5. Cool Down 6. Strange 7. Fresh Fruits 8. Cherry Tomatoes 9. Be creative with your food 10. If you do food Make sure you include Recipe 11. Caprese Bites Cute Caprese Bites 12 cherry tomatoes 12 boccacini balls 12 leafs of basil Fleur de sel (optional) Good quality balsamic vinegar (optional) 12. Preparation Cut cherry tomatoes in half, sprinkle boccacini with sea salt. Place boccacini on bottom half of cherry tomato, top with basil leaf, and replace top of tomato. Skewer with a toothpick (or something fancier if you wish). Sprinkle with sea salt and drizzle with balsamic vinegar. I suspect a drizzle of pesto might not be a bad idea either ooh, or maybe pesto and balsamic on the side so you can dip into whichever you prefer mmm. 13. Your