Why people don't volunteer

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  1. 1. WHY PEOPLE DONT VOLUNTEER Rashed saleh alnahdi H00211411 CEC
  2. 2. OUTLINE
  3. 3. WHAT IS A VOLUNTEERA global cultureIts teamwork.Non profit work.
  4. 4. Why Conditions of life. volunteering organizations are not enough. Less awareness of importance for helping people inthe society. The barriers between man and woman in Emeratisociety.
  5. 5. solutions Encourage young people to work in it. Participate between men and women with respectfor the religions and traditions. Joining in the big event for volunteers. Make trips to foreign countries, which will increasethe importance for volunteering in their minds.
  6. 6. ExamplesAbroad:
  7. 7. Internally:
  8. 8. OPPORTUNITIES There are many places forvolunteering: Takatof, Dubai care and Zayed organization forhumanitarian care in the UAE. Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand prix 2012 world Expo Korea. Volunteer Emirates.
  9. 9. Dubai care Formula 1
  10. 10. MY ROLE Should increase number of volunteers ( each onecan be useful. ) We should make charity work a part of peopleslives. I want me and others be a part of the event.
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