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Vietnam vacation packages for luxury honeymooners

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  • Vietnam Vacation packages suit Honeymooners

    A leisurely relaxed and Luxury Vietnam Vacation Packages could be amongst the many

    offers you find for your honeymoon in this beautiful and naturally lavished destination. Most of

    the couples arrive in Ho Chi Minh City, in the southern Vietnam from where they will have more

    options to choose from. Basically, best beaches and the luxury resorts in Vietnam are dotted

    from the central to southern Vietnam for instant I can name some of the well-known holiday

    destinations in Vietnam such as Da Nang, Nha Trang, Con Dao Island, Mui Ne and Phu Quoc

    Island. Vietnam has a long coastlines stretched from the south to north, some with great

    facilities and five star deluxe accommodations while some have only some basic places to offer,

    however, for the worry free and pleasant luxury honeymoon packages to Vietnam you must

    have a list of the places to which you can experience the best vacation in Vietnam.

    Top 3 places for a Luxury Vietnam Vacation packages for your


    The top 3 places including beach and holiday destinations that are good for honeymooners are

    just more than 3; however, here I would like to reveal more about the places that have received

    better references for a romantic Vietnam vacation packages including beach.

    Mui Ne beach: One of the prime beach destinations in Vietnam that is very popular for the

    honeymooners, in Mui Ne, you will have more activities to do beside the beach. Mui Ne, located

    within 4 hours car drive from the Ho Chi Minh City and is now famous for the variety of water

    sports and activities such as Wind and kite surfing, the reason is because in the beach there are

    always light breezes that will turn into the pleasant wind for kite surfing. There are a large

    numbers of Luxury accommodations and beach side resorts to choose from.

  • Nha Trang Beach: This is the Vietnams prime and best holiday destination for the beach

    lovers; there are dozens of things to do when in Nha Trang including Snorkeling and scuba

    diving, fishing and the other water activities, the beach is crystal clear and it famous for both

    local and the western tourists. There are also luxury resorts and spa vacations just next to the

    beach. Book your Vacation in advance in order to save the time and money as well. To get to

    Nha Trang you can be part of charter flights, or within a 45 minute transit from the Saigon in

    south or Hanoi in north of Vietnam. Nha Trang is included almost to most of the Vietnam tour &

    holiday packages, so, tourists are almost everywhere across this beautiful beach side town.

  • Dalat, the city of Love and romance: It will be good to mix up your beach vacation with

    sightseeing to a city that is known as the Le Petit Paris, Dalat, is a resort destination town

    which is well known for its flower and botanical gardens and enchanting sceneries, it is also very

    selective by the Vietnamese couples for the honeymoon destination. There are also some

    interesting temples and hillsides lined with the crumbling weekend homes of French colonials.

    Emperor Bao Dai, the last in Vietnam, had three large homes here, one of which is now the

    Sofitel Hotel; the other two can be visited on organized tours.

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