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  • 1. Travel in VietnamThings to do around Hanoi Halong Bay

2. Halong BayRecognized as a UNSECO World Heritage Site since 1994, Halong Baysbreathtaking beauty is one of the most magnificent scenic spots in the world.With over 3000 incredible islands rising from the emerald waters, the areadisplays a priceless collection of unfinished sculptures hewn from the hand ofnature. A short cruise offers visitors a quick glimpse of this beautiful water dottedwith thousands of limestone pillars, while a longer sail touches undisturbed,pristine parts to truly appreciate this nature wonder.Distance from Hanoi: 4 hours by carRecommended Stay: 2 days (with the night spent on a cruise)Tips: Plan Halong Bay in the early parts of your Hanoi itinerary beprepared to swap your itinerary should bad weather results in thecancellation of your cruise 3. Take a cruise to witness the beautifullimestone formations 4. Kayak around the beautiful bay 5. Or experience the indigenous floating villages 6. Sit back and enjoy thepeaceful boat ride 7. And get real close to the limestone formation 8. Disembark and explore themysterious caves.. 9. Before heading back tothe cruise 10. Where a luxury sunset dinner awaits you 11. And witness the peaceful dawn scenes 12. Stay another at the shore to witness adifferent beauty of the Bay 13. Find us on Facebook for more travelinformation and useful tips