Presented to: Ghummkar Log Adventure PVT LTD A (Brief) Project on Ghummkar Log Adventure PVT. LTD. Venture Care 436, D-wing, Raj tower, Santosh Nagar, Katraj, Pune, 411046 Maharashtra, (IN) Phone: (020)-65 3636 33

Travel portal venture care (vc)

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Page 1: Travel portal venture care (vc)

Presented to:Ghummkar Log Adventure PVT LTD

A (Brief) Project on

Ghummkar Log Adventure PVT. LTD.

Venture Care436, D-wing, Raj tower, Santosh Nagar, Katraj, Pune, 411046 Maharashtra, (IN)Phone: (020)-65 3636 33

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Project Profile

Project Definition : Tour and Travel Management System

Objective Main Objective of this system is to provide Online Registration, Tour Package Information, Tour package Booking, Online Payment and Searching Facility for Customer and also Generate Different types of Report.

Tools : PHP, Html, Css, Jquery, JS, MySQL, Photoshop, Mailchimp, zoho, Leadin, Google Analytic,

Internal Guide : Er. Munna Samal (CTO)Er. Rahul Naik(Sr. Engg.)Er. Shanul Abbas Rizvi (Developer)Mr. Sumit Desai, MCA (Tester)

Developed By : Venture Care Team

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Scope of Work

To Create Web Based Application To Provide Search Facility For Customer To Generate Different Types of Reports To Provide the online Booking and online Payment Facility For Customer To Provide Tour Package Details Customer Can Cancel the Booking Group Creation Interest based activities

The purpose of this portal development will includes

Provide on demand Tours & Travel Platform all over the globe. Promote your services to a global market. Making the portal easier to use (Usability). Higher Search engine ranking. Number of users visiting the website (Traffic). Better website performance eg. Speed optimized, lead generation, client based UI/UX

Page 4: Travel portal venture care (vc)

Function Specification

CUSTOMER: Registration(Login) View package Search package Booking Give Payment Booking Cancellation Give Feedback

VISITOR: View site Give feedback

ADMIN: Registration(Login) Manage User Manage Tour-package Manage Payment View Cancellation View feedback

TRAVEL AGENCY: Registration Login Manage tour Manage tour package cost

Modules that will be there in the projects are :

Page 5: Travel portal venture care (vc)

User Specification

Admin:Admin can manage the user and receive package from traveller & package management.

Traveller:Traveller create the package and give to admin.

Customer:Customer can view package and booking.

Visitor:Visitor view side and give feedback.

Page 6: Travel portal venture care (vc)

User System

The application supports a role based user system with fine grained access control to moderate privilege, feature expose and content access. The administrative area of the system allows you to perform user management at all levels. The currently identified roles are

Visitors: Visitors are un-registered users browsing the site. They will be allowed to see free contentRegistered Users: Registered user hold an account on the website. The functionalities enabled for registered users are

Profile Creation Account settings View available Tours package View Tours detail page and register Pay Online for booking Tour package Payment Information Discussion space + chat Subscribe to notifications

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User Specification

User LoginSign In/ Sign UpSocial Login – The visitors of the website can login using Facebook single sign-on,i.e: visitors can use their Facebook/G+/LinkedIn login credentials to login to thesystem. It will be a funnel for the first-time visitors to subscribe to and engagewith our portal.

User Profile• User name• Profile Image• User contact details• Interest areas& many more

Page 8: Travel portal venture care (vc)

Tours package listing

Tours package is the main node on in this system. The administrator can create any number of Tours packages.

Tours package listing page Tours package detailed page About the Tours package Tours package video/Image/preview Offers Itinerary FAQ’s Review and ratings Social share

Page 9: Travel portal venture care (vc)

Content Management & Backend Administration

The site will have an administration panel for adding contents, managing images, andmanaging the whole site as a whole. This makes it easier for the site to be edited andmanaged from any web browser software. The administrator panel has login securitycheck that only allows vulnerable people having login passwords to gain access. We willimplement more user-friendly navigation structure. The homepage design is clean anduncluttered and the main menu is clearly visible. There is no unnecessary scrolling downon the homepage. This menu provides links to the main sections on the site thesesections are then divided into various subsections for easier navigability. The otherfeatures are given below.

Page 10: Travel portal venture care (vc)

Content Management

The application will extend content management support for a variety of content such as

• Tours Package • User profiles• Landing pages• Articles• News• Blogs• Events• FAQ• Dynamic navigation of pages and contents• Media

Page 11: Travel portal venture care (vc)

Backend Administration/ Site Management

Control website and booking information from one administration panel with the ability to share as much or as little information as needed.

Administration permission system roles and users Member management Support multiple languages Content Management System for informational and landing pages. Activity Tracking Log User Management B2C Customer Management User Group Right Management Integrated Database Backup / Restore Unlimited Admin Accounts

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Customer management

• Booking history • Customer Address Book• Search by Last name, user name, phone number, email, or company• Full customer reporting• Custom field for registration/ checkout for collecting Tax ID numbers, referral orany other info• Fast Checkout• Automated mail when new booking created• Wish list• View booking history• Use encryption to store credit card and password info• Lock user if multiple failed password attempts made• Edit account details• Customer membership and special pricing

Page 13: Travel portal venture care (vc)

Checkout & Registration

• Self-registration form, User Login / Linking with Google, LinkedIn, others.• Fast checkout• Secure payment processing• Ability to accept payment through CC/ DC/ Net banking• Multi-Payment gateways and other methods• Multi-currency support• Recurring Billing• Occasion specific

Page 14: Travel portal venture care (vc)

User Specification

Reporting & Analytics• Generate Yearly, Monthly , Weekly, and daily report Summary• Export to excel• Trend report analysis graphing• Accounting & CRM Integration• Generate summary & detailed report• Integrate with Google Analytics and Adwords tracking tool• Chart visitor / hosts/ revenue by month• Reports Based on date: Top viewed Package, Top viewed destination/Activities, Top Bookedby Tour Packages• Payment types• Promo codes used• Site Profit and tax collected

Page 15: Travel portal venture care (vc)

Marketing & Promotion:

• Google Analytics Integration• Newsletter Subscription• RSS Feeds• Popular Tour packages List• Hot deals feature• Gift certificates• E- Gift cards• Occasion Manager: create/ Manage/ Delete• Current and archive news manager• Promotions manager• Press release manager• Tours Reviews• RSS feeds for products, services and news• Subscription of Tour packages

Page 16: Travel portal venture care (vc)

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding this (brief) project details.

(020)-65 3636 [email protected]

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[email protected]


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