Survival Guide To China

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Practical and also funny information about cultural differences one can face in China.


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>BESTEP Survival Guide to ChinaThings that you would not expect but they really do happen in China</p> <p> China is...</p> <p> 4th largest country in the World; The oldest continuous civilizations; The most populated country in the world (1.3 billion).</p> <p>SHANGHAI is...</p> <p> The largest city in China Oriental Paris New-age New York 20 million inhabitants</p> <p>Traffic in China ...</p> <p>Includes all means of transport- cars, trains, buses, Maglev (fastest World train), bikes, bicycles, metro;</p> <p>Works against pedestrians;</p> <p>Means unless you own a big car and drive like a go-kart rider you take taxis.</p> <p>During Rush Hour...</p> <p> You might not be able to hop on the metro that comes or you might be pushed away from the train by crowds.. Fastest is to move on your bicycle.</p> <p>THE RUSH HOURS : 8.30am to 9.15am and 5.30pm to 6.30 pm. </p> <p>Language can be tricky since...Mandarin as an official language and there are as well 100s of dialects;1.3 million Chinese out of 1.3 billion population speak English;People on the streets, in the shops and taxis do not speak English BUT like to talk and bargain in Chinese.</p> <p>Money</p> <p> Currency is Chinese Yuan/Kuai/ RMB;</p> <p> The biggest banknote is 100 RMB (11 Euro);</p> <p> Minimum Salary for a Chinese employee is 1200 RMB/month- some people make only 500 RMB/month;</p> <p>Accommodation for locals...</p> <p>A symbol of status and can be expensive;</p> <p>In one apartment sometimes live all generations of one family;</p> <p>Public showers and toilettes are common, many apartments have none; shared kitchen is common as well.</p> <p>Chinese cuisine is...</p> <p>Delicious but sometimes surprising;</p> <p>Differs based on the regions and ranges from spicy to sweat and sour dishes;</p> <p>More about variety than quantity.</p> <p>Rules in business life and society Guanxi; Dont let a person loose face; Be polite and never too quick or direct; Unusual personal questions or statements are common. </p> <p>Nightlife</p> <p>Karaoke rules;Drink early, sleep early;Drinking games.</p> <p>Hospitals and doctors100 people in a queue;Combination of Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine;Special sayings and believes about health and food.</p> <p>Shopping is...</p> <p>One of the most favourite leisure activities;</p> <p>Needs lot of bargaining;</p> <p>Can be frustrating because of the sizes;</p> <p>Definitely an experience on its own.</p> <p>Ready to take the challenge and experience the difference?</p> <p>Then you are here right.Welcome to CHINA!</p> <p>*****************</p>