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  1. 1. moot? squeeze pod.In today's fastpaced and ever changing work environments.T '' people have become too engulfed with work and too busy toset aside time to take a vacation.Many individuals feel as though they cant afford to take a break because of their heavy work load. In America about forty percent of employees don't take time off from work.And if they do take vacations,sixty one percent work while away,despite their family members complaints.It is not surprising til; -t. don't relax even while on vacation. However,vacation and leisure travel is important to I I your health and your family's well-being. r 1 A While some might believe vacation is synonymous with production inadequacy,'"I__ it simply is not true.Studies show that there are benefits in taking time off. we-V;'= ~:r. ' an ' ,1 . ,."iw~ 1 --Jl. *.. . .il. -.. -A o i--. ..-'-. l l oi I i- I I. ,v. ';- . r I I , Thus,you start to unwind and become more open to exciting and new experiences. A VACATION INCREASES ENERGYMental tasks can be draining.When you work for extended Q;periods of time,eventually your productivity will diminish and V. i" _ "it will take atoll on your emotions and health.A.- i 3 . l /Addlmnal/ El./0 W 99f9U C 3 Relaxing time off from stress-inducing W reduce a person's attentiveness factors such as work can boost andand problem solving ability.5 F9-energize YOU. 1 JExperts claim time away increases people's satisfaction,therefore offering more energy and motivation to complete work demands postvacation. llA VACATION FACILITATES A HEALTHY HEARTTraveling and unplugging from all workre| ated m activities can reduce stress.'