Some interesting places to visit in goa to make your trip memorable

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  • 1. Some Interesting Places to Visit in Goa to Make Your TripMemorableGoa is not just a beach city, in fact it has different facets when it comes to tourism. Simply, head toGoa and explore the interesting places to visit in Goa. Goa, most popularly known as the beachdestination in India, has different facets when it comes to exploring the city. If you chose to tour thehistory of the city then it is a historically rich city. It was once the seat of the Portuguese, and laterbecame a part of Union Territory of India in the year 1961. If you wish to tour the culture of the city,then also you will get a lot to explore. Goa is a culturally rich city, whose culture is made from aperfect amalgamation of several cultures consisting both national and foreign cultures, that hasbeen brought-in by the floating population.Meanwhile, being in Goa is not just limited to checking out the countless places of interest, but italso means that you have the ideal opportunity of exploring the art, lifestyle, culture, and history ofthe region. However, many travellers never pass through the beaches and clubs/bars in Goa, whenthere are lots to explore in Goa Tourism. The Goan villages are perfect examples of places that arenot as famous as the beaches or other major attractions in Goa. In fact, the Goan villages are theheart of the city. They hold both charm and character, so the next time you are in Goa do check-outits villages.Apart from that, following are the most-recommended places to visit in Goa. Anjuna Beach - It is one of the most popular and busy beaches in the region. It was once thesecond home of the hippies. Today, it is a key attraction in the city. The prime attraction in theplace is the Albuquerque Mansion, that was built in 1920.

2. Arambol Beach - Unlike the Anjuna Beach, this beach is quite. It is the ideal option fortravellers seeking "me time". The water is shallow and is good for swimming. However, thereare not many options available for dining and accommodation. Colva Beach - It is yet another most-popular beaches in the region. It is a beautiful beachconsisting of sun bleached sand, restless sea waves, and ethereal skyline. In simple terms, itis the among the most beautiful beaches in the region. Bom Jesus Basilica - Whether you are God believer or simply the architecture admirer, this isthe tourist spot in Goa that you should visit. It is a beautiful Church that has uniquearchitecture and consists the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier. 3. Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception - This is one of the oldest Churches in theregion; built in 1541. It is the venue for worshipping and getting blessed by the almighty.Apart from that, it is also a popular sightseeing place among the tourists. It has a beautifulstatue of Mother Mary at the front, and is believed to be built to welcome the sailors. Shree Manguesh Shantadurgai Prasanna Temple - It is a magnificent temple dedicated todeity of Hindu Lord Shiva. The temple is 22 km from Panji. An excellent road connects thetemple to the capital of Goa, which also has several scenic places lying on the route. Yourtrip to the city is simply incomplete if you miss this temple.These are just a few of the infinite places to visit in Goa. Apart from them, the other must visit placesinclude: Church of St. Catejan, Central Library in Institute Menezes Braganza, ButterflyConservatory Of Goa, Dudhsagar Plantation, Chapora fort, Calangute Beach, Morjim Beach,Houses of Goa, Goa Chitra Museum etc.Source: You