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iOpener SessionDaniel Fernandes5 Tips for creating better picturesNovember 5th 2014

5 Tips for creating better picturesThink on the message you createAll is light and light is everythingExplore the power of shapesBalance the symmetry of coloursDont forget the backgroundThink on the message you createTeachers:Steve McCurry; Sebastio Salgado

Photography is about freezing time. And to do this you have to spend time prepare, talk, observe. Visualise it before it happens3Teachers:Michael Kenna; Hengki Koentjoro

All is light and light is everythingSeeing light is the beginning of understanding photography4

Explore the power of shapesTeachers:Alex Webb; Henri Cartier-BressonNotice the three/four triangle structures in the picture.HCB and the decisive moment I think its a great lesson to business also5

Balance the symmetry of coloursTeachers:William Eggleston; Steve McCurryShapes are also present, but here the colour dominance is the key. Also tangents are a big thing6

Dont forget the backgroundTeachers:Bruce Perry; Joseph KoudelkaIn photography the foreground is less important than the background7