Our Trip to Israel

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  • 1. Our Trip to Israel

2. Our home in Jerusalem.
3. Jerusalem of gold.
4. The Goldbergs in Jerusalem.
5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Windows of Jerusalem
10. 11. 12. A door in the Old City.
13. A rabbi we met on a walk in the Old City.
14. 15. 16. Children playing in the streets of Jerusalem.
17. Playing cards in the shuk.
18. The HuvraSynagogue in the Old City of Jerusalem as it stood before 1948.
19. Destroyed 1948
20. Rebuilt 2010
21. At the Kotel.
22. The Kotel.
23. There is more to do at the Kotel than just praying.
24. Menachem Begin, Ari and Harvey.
25. The Field School at HarMeron, 34 years after our first visit.
26. The Winnipeg connection.
27. Netanya pedestrian mall
28. ..
29. Pesah food is different in Israel.
30. The MehaneYehudashuk in Jerusalem.
31. By the sea in Netanya on our way North.
32. 33. Walking around Mount Meron on the third day of Pesah.
34. 35. 36. Tzfat the mystical city.
37. 38. 39. Visiting the Terry Schwartzfeld Day Care Cenre in Acco.
40. We brought hand-made quilts for the children.
41. Our cousing Israel Kahane.
42. Family reunion I.
43. Maya Kahane and her husband to be.
44. Family reunion II.The Goldstein family in KiryatHaim near Haifa.
45. After Pesah at the Caplans.
46. We went out for dinner to celebrate our anniversary at the Tico House.
47. The National Yom Hashoah ceremony atYadVashem.
48. Yom Hazikaron at the Kotel.
49. TheMilitary Cemetery on Mount Herzl.
50. The Memorial to the Vctims of Terrorism.
51. Finding Herzl on Mount Herzl.
52. The Dakar moument to the lost sailors of an Israel submarine.
53. Yom HaAtzmaut.
54. Flora and fauna of Israel.