New zealand wildlife top avenues to enjoy bird and animal sightings

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  1. 1. New Zealand Flights
  2. 2. Summary:New Zealands wildlife is prettyelaborate with a variety of nativeanimals finding space here. Also,several animals have been brought infrom various parts of the world toentertain and educate locals & tourists.Places like Auckland Zoo & BluePenguin Colony are perfect to enjoysightings of both
  3. 3. New Zealand Wildlife : Top Avenues to EnjoyBird and Animal SightingsNew Zealand is a fantastic holiday destination thatsreplete with all sorts of attractions and lures for people ofall interests. Millions of holiday makers who visit thebeautiful country are left besotted with the incredibletreasure trove of cultural, historical and natural. NewZealands wildlife, in particular, is extremely popular withvacationers who do not shy away from spending moneyon air tickets and accommodation in NZ in order to takein the nations finest. Take a look at different zoos andwildlife parks that deserve a visit by people who love anencounter with both native and exotic animals
  4. 4. New Zealand Flights
  5. 5. Orana Wildlife ParkSpread across 80 hectares, Christchurchs OranaWildlife Park is rather well known among tourists. Thepark is located very close to the ChristchurchInternational Airport and is thus an automatic choice forall leisure travellers with flight tickets to the city. In fact,there is even a shuttle service available from the airportfor visitors. Animal lovers will have a field day at OranaWildlife Park as they enjoy sightings of more than 400animals from 70 different species. Streams and banksact as natural safety guards as people get to see theanimals in a natural manner.
  6. 6. Auckland ZooNew Zealands Auckland Zoo is truly the star attractionfor people who have planned holidays in the southernhemisphere country in a hope to encounter some exoticspecies after investing dough on airline tickets. Boastingthe largest collection of native and exotic animals in NewZealand, Auckland Zoo is just few minutes drive from thecentral Auckland and is hence pretty accessible fortourists. African lion, American alligator, Asian elephant,Asian elephant, Bornean orang-utan and California sealion are some of the famous international attractions forguests. Apart from animal sightseeing, people can enjoyyear-round events as well at Auckland Zoo.
  7. 7. Blue Penguin ColonyBlue Penguin Colony, located in Oamaru, SouthIsland, is the place to see the world's smallestpenguins in their natural habitat. People who arekeen on flight tickets to NZ and have done somesort of research on the country might know thatblue penguins are found all along the coast ofNew Zealand but perhaps there is no better placethan Oamaru to catch a sight of them. Penguinsnest right around the harbour area, offering awonderful chance to observe them at sunsetwhen the bird arrives home from their day at sea
  8. 8. Hamilton ZooHamilton Zoo is billed as 'the zoo withpersonality' and it not very difficult to see why!There is a lot going around in this large zoothats set amongst 25 hectares lush tranquilsurroundings. Animals, of course, are theheadliners though. People can get entrancetickets and start exploring a menagerie thatshome to over 600 native New Zealand andexotic animals. Birds, mammals, reptiles, all findrepresentation at Hamilton Zoo and is thereforea must visit for animal lovers chancing upon airtickets to New Zealand.