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Istanbul Street Photography Tour

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1. TOUR #4Street Photography#Tour 4 - Street Photography:Description: This walk is a very nicecombination of walking and photo shooting,discovering the local neighbourhoods andpeople of Istanbul.Strolling through the narrow streets of IstiklalAvenue, we will be discovering and shootingin the most vibrant and picturesque areas ofIstanbul.Duration: 6 hoursPlaces visited: Taksim, Istiklal Avenue andGalataPrivate photography walk: $300/day*Private walks organised upon request.Private Mercedes Van: $200/day*Private vehicle and driver is an optional serviceFor more information:Mail: info@istanbultourstudio.comTR Mobile: +90-533-355-30-49TR Office: +90-212-243-05-21USA/Canada: +1-800-262-3412