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  • 1. Holiday Packages

2. WHAT DO HOLIDAY PACKAGES OFFER Holiday Packages are the form of product bundling which consists oftransport and accommodation sold together by tour operator. Holiday Packages these days are sold in two forms: Cheap and Luxurydepending on duration, hotels and kind of transportation offered. Holiday Packages can also be Dynamic or Pre Defined. Dynamic packagingenables consumers to build their own package of flights, accommodationand hire car instead of a pre-defined package. 3. CHEAP HOLIDAY PACKAGES Many tour operator have gone into a new form of cheap holidays whichcombined the transport and accommodation arrangements into a singlepackage. These holiday packages come at very reasonable price within budget andit includes stay at 2 star or 3 star hotels, duration of 2 to 3 days and travelin low cost airlines. These packages are preferred for weekend outings. 4. LUXURY HOLIDAY PACKAGES Duration for High End Holiday Packages is 7 to 8 days and includes stay at4 star or 5 star hotel. Tourist prefer these packages because this allows tour operators to covermore number of places and tourist hotspots. Many tour operators are looking at this option of luxury and are designingpackages to suit the needs of tourists. 5. DOMESTIC HOLIDAY PACKAGES As tourism is flourishing in Rajasthan, Kerala and Goa, Many tourismindustry giants are tailoring fancy domestic holiday packages. Places like Kerala, Rajasthan and Goa have come out with lots of hotelswhich offer luxury villas and spas to cater to the demand. Tourists are opting for both cheap and luxury packages for domesticholidays. Luxury travellers also have high willingness to buy as well. Luxuryis increasingly becoming the way of life for many. 6. INTERNATIONAL HOLIDAY PACKAGES International Holiday have become very popular among Indian touristsrecently and travel agencies have got good bookings for luxurydestinations at places like Vegas, Austria, Switzerland and Bora Bora apartfrom London and New York. Luxury travel is on a high and people are travelling and are more thanwilling to spend for something exclusive. Offerings such as wine tasting, indulging in chocolate fondue, watchingcabaret shows, taking gondola rides in Venice, horse carriage ride andexploring Europe in a Mercedes have included International Holidays in doto list of many Indian Travellers. 7. THANK YOU