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  • Free Tibet By Danielle Lavallee, Caitlin Miville, Gemma Lombardozzi
  • How
  • Can
  • You
  • Help
  • Tibet?

How Tibetans have died ..

  • They have done suicide because or all of the misery in their lives.
  • Labor camps , where they are slaves or have gone to prison where they eventually die.
  • Starvation they dont have/get anything to eat.

China doesnt want to free Tibet

  • China believes that because they were in the 13 thcentury together, so they should be together now.
  • China needs more land
  • China thinks they own Tibet

The Starvation .. The Torture .. Tibet Wants to be free

  • Tibet resents the violation rights imposed on them by china
  • Tibet has the right to have their own government
  • Tibet resents destruction or Tibetan culture (Buddhism)

The Beatings .. Why they need Food

  • 342,970 out of 1,207,387 have died of starvation in Tibet .

Food Drives

  • We can help Tibet by sending Food to Tibet .. Have a Food Drive ?

The Killings .. They need our help.