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<ul><li> Where is Taiwan? Taiwankm the heart of Asia 36,000 is 25,126 animal species 5,738 plant species 23 million friendly people!Season for travel: Spring March May Summer June August Autumn September November </li></ul> <p> Awareness TaiwanInternational Mathematical Olympiad Essentials in your life Modern Taiwan-Technologically Advanced As a leading high tech country, Taiwan has something for everyone. Nature Taiwan Fun Taiwan-Multi ActivitiesExplore, learn, party, play, and activities Taiwan has so many reasons to make you say. Artistic Taiwan Culture TaiwanNational Palace MuseumWorlds Top 5 Museum, home to one of the worlds largest collections ofChinese art, with more than 650,000artifacts. Tasty Taiwan Hospitable TaiwanAmazing warmth and hospitality Our Tourism ThemesTime for Culture Time for Eco Time for BikingTime for Romance Time for Cuisine Time forShopping Our best friends all over the worldEco Life for Friendly forGreen Travel Senior Travel Diversity forYouth Travel Friendly People Here People here are very eager to practice their English with oversea visitors.It is not unusual for Taiwanese toapproach a visitor who seems lost andhelp with directions. Learn Mandarin including traditional Chinese character writing, a beautiful and respected skill still used in Modern Taiwan. DIY experience of lotus dyeing DIY experience of Rural life in Dongshih Experience of Guardian Spirit in Taromak Experience of Harvest Festival in Fataan Experience of Cooking Taiwanese food Inspired traditional atmosphere Multi-activities : Pick and make the teaWell-known High Mountain Tea Excellent FoodWhen most people say Hello,in Taiwan we say Did you eat?Food / Cuisine/ Night Markets 24hrs services Authentic Festivals Lantern Festival Dajia Mazu Pilgrimage Bombing of Master Han Dan Sky Lantern Sanyi Wood-Carving Harvest Festival-Amis tribeHere, you can chase the historical cultures through thousands of years. Geographical VarietyGreat Nature and AdventureTropical Beaches to snow capped mountains; Taiwan has the extremes and all in-between. Sun Moon Lake was listed Top 10 of worlds best bike lanes for cyclistsCycling routes thatll take your breath away Transportation is so easy !Taipei Rail Pass 100miles 2hrs Hualien-Taichung Taroko Gorge125miles 1hr 5-day pass/NTD 599. near US$20 7-day pass/NTD 799. near US$2710day pass/NTD 1098. near US$37Note: For foreign students onlyKaohsiungTaitung215miles 1.5hrs 200miles 6hrs Super Easy Subway System English SignsVariety Day Pass to fit yougood for use on subway &amp; busEasy to get around Taipei &amp; Kaohsiung anytime Very Affordable Transportation Ride a train. Hop a bus. Up to you !Round Trip TaipeiTicketsBullet TrainUS$80 AirUS$60245miles TrainUS$30BusUS$20Kaohsiung Tour bus and Taiwan trips servicestake you everywhereTour bus offers 26 variety day trips around the island Taiwan trips shuttles connected 40 scenic spots to mainstation Inexpensive AccommodationsB&amp;B Youth Hostel scenery spots nearby.Satisfaction comes naturally when you get a great priceon a room at the youth guesthouse network. Safety &amp; Freedom Technologically advanced EnvironmentSophisticated society offering freedomof expression and of religion. So, itsgood to come as you are !99.9% Convenient stores Buy events / train tickets Add values on subway card Travel accessories 24 hrs open everywhere Call cab with free monitored Free 7-wifiFree English 24 hrs Travel Hotline 0800 011 765Free Taiwan Tourism Apps to downloadAs a leading high tech country,Taiwan has something for everyone. Hot / Cold Spring over the island Relax and keep the body energetic Welcome you with all our truehearts and hospitalityIts Time for Taiwan ! Taiwan Tourism PromotionDouble Decker 2012Campaign Food Show-SAVEUR BBQ 2012 Food Show LUCKY RICE EVENT 2012 Taiwanese foods Try them very easy in every city International Investment Prospective picture Taiwan Tourism Bureau Support you Offer all Taiwan Tourism info you need all the time Arrange feminization trip for teachers Free shuttle bus ticket from airport Free souvenir coupons Free Amusement park tickets Free deposit subway card Free Performance tickets Brochures / Events / Marking Campaigns / Long-term PlansSupport and MORE!!! Airlines : Flights to Taiwan Inquiry an quota :Golden FoundationZION International Edison ToursTEL:886- 2773-3266 Tour LION TravelTaiwan Visitors Association TEL:886-8793-9611TEL: 886-2594-3261TEL:886-2571-3001WEB: Email:EnglishService@liontraWEB: vel.comTaiwan Tourism BureauEmail: question :Contact us any timeTaiwan Tourism Bureau, New York Office1 East 42nd Street, 9th Floor, New York, NY 10017Tel: 212-867-1632 Thank YOUIts Time for Taiwan </p>