Excitement Guaranteed at Nairobi hotels

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From taking you on an exciting wildlife safari to letting you feast on the most delicious African cuisines, Nairobi hotels do it all for you. Moreover, you might also want to spend your evening going out shopping at some of the most popular markets in the city. And finally, dont forget to indulge yourself into the most dazzling nightlife.


  • 1. ExcitementGuaranteed at NairobiHotels

2. What is Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, bestknown for? You will surely come up with aninstant answer, Wildlife Safari. However,the city has a lot more to offer. If shopping ison your mind, you have probably headedout to the right spot. Above all, Nairobi isknown to host the best nightlife in Kenya. Interms of food, you get the most deliciouscuisine served right on your table. But,thats not all. There is a lot more. So, letsfind out. 3. In Nairobi and you dont talk aboutSafari? Thats not possible.Whos waiting for you at the NairobiNational Park? Well, large herds of Zebra,Rhino, Wildebeest, Cheetah, Lions andmany other spectacular beings. You alwayswanted to see them up close, didnt you?You can visit the park between 9:00 am to5:00 pm. So, make sure you plan your timeaccordingly.Always wanted to hand feed a Giraffe in reallife? You dream is just a few inches away fromturning into a reality at the Giraffe Centre,located at a distance of just 5 kilometers fromthe center of Kenya. Considered as one of thebest hotels in Nairobi, the Sarova Stanleywould be the right place to stay if you plan tovisit the Giraffe Centre. 4. How about a little bit of History?If you love trains, head on to the RailwayMuseum to view some of the mostbeautiful engines and carriages datingback to the colonial era.You probably know a lot about thewildlife Safari in Nairobi, but there arechances you know too little about richcultural history of city, and can be foundat the most popular Keren BixenMuseum, which is in fact the farmhousewhere the writer herself lived between1914 and 1931. 5. Get a glimpse of the real African Traditionat BomaBoma is a tourist village where houses were built bydifferent Kenyan tribes using traditional techniques. Theinhabitants try their best however to preserve thetraditional Kenyan culture through architecture, crafts,music and dance. 6. Ready for the party?Love to party, dont you? If youdo, make sure to visit theWestlands district which ispresently one of the most popularnightlife centers in Nairobi. Visitsome of the best clubs at theWoodvale Grove and Mpaka road,and enjoy the party like to neverdid before. 7. Shop! Shop! Shop! till you drop.Exactly, if shopping is something thats righton top of your list, Nairobi is sure to makeyou happy. Souvenirs, beads, rugs, wool,woven articles, pottery, traditional fabrics,you can find it all. Numerous local craftsmarkets feature pieces from various parts ofKenya, stretching as far as West Africa.And dont forget to pay a visit to the MaasaiMarket, known to host over 350 craftsmenselling unique arts and crafts. The SarovaStanely would be a perfect accommodationoption, if you plan to go shop in Nairobi, asmost of the shopping destinations are nottoo far from the hotel. 8. To know more about Sarova Stanley, getin touch:Tel +254 20 275 7000Mobile +254 0719 048 000Fax: +254 20 2229388Email: sarovastanley@sarovahotels.comLog on to: http://www.sarovahotels.com/stanley