Enjoy Your Holidays At Palm Desert

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Palm Desert is a beautiful place to enjoy your holidays and relax. It has all the fun and adventure that an individual looks for.

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  • 1. Enjoy Your Holidays At Palm Desert

2. WELCOME TO HAMPTON PALM DESERT Hampton welcomes you to the best outdoor pool, golf course, classic club andvarious other activities happening at Palm Desert 3. LUXURIOUS BED TO RELAX Provides you the Excellent quality of food and bedding to relax 4. HOP TO PALM SPRING The best way to enjoy your holidays in California 5. IMPRESSIVE GOLF COURSE Come and experience the sunny California lifestyle 6. A DV E N T U R E AT PA L M D E S E RT Experience the adventurous lifestyle of Palm Desert 7. CONTACT US: Website: http://www.hamptonpalmdesert.com/ Email us: Contact us: 760-340-1001, 1-800-426-7866 Address: 74-900 Gerald Ford Drive Palm Desert, CA 92211