Discover Incredible India - January 2012

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  1. 1. JANUARYn e w s l e t t e rAbout US:The Other Home was started with the philosophy of sustainable travel for all and we promote non-hotel stay for travelersthrough Vacation Rentals, Homestays and Outdoor destinations. We help you to plan your vacationwith your family or friends in Bungalows, Beach Houses, Jungle Camps and wherever else you always wanted to go!!The Newsletter is an attempt by us to promote sustainable travel in a fun way. Hope you enjoy this edition as much as we didbringing it to you!!Editors Note:A new year heralds a new beginning!! We at The OtherWe invite our fellow travellers to share their travel experiencesHome, firmly believe in keeping things new and exciting (travel stories, exciting property review and their wonderfulalways. So, keeping with our belief, we have introducedphotographs) with us and we will be very glad to publish themsome exciting features in our newsletter. The force behind in our newsletter.our new look is the firm belief, that, the most important partof our sustainable travel principle is you our readers and Send in your articles, reviews and photographs totravellers!! We will definitely get back to you!!So, come join us on our wonderful journey across Cheers and Happy 2012!!Incredible India, sustainably of course!! Discover Incredible INDIA!!! India A land which is so diverse that one can experience so many landscapes, cultures, cuisines, languages and people travelling through the length and breadth of this country. One can never stop getting amazed by the wonderful surprises this country can throw at us. So this year, explore this incredible land called India. Take your pick and you will see, this country has a bit of everything!! From mountains to beaches, from deserts to tropical forests, from tea gardens to coffee plantationsthe list is endless!! This 2012, travel and discover Incredible India!!Property of the Month - The Himalayan VillageThe Himalayan Village is situated at the base of Malanavillage. This is a wonderful property located just 10 KMSaway from Manikarans world famous hot springs. Thischarming village style resort is the perfect escape into thelap of nature. The Himalayan village has the option of bothcottages and rooms. The cottages are equipped withkitchenettes, mini fridge & bar, fully furnished & equippedtoilets and personal lawn. The rooms are also nicelyfurnished with mini fridge & bar, separate dressing, toiletsand personal lawn. The property is situated at a vantagepoint offering lovely views of the Himalayas and has alovely landscaped garden within the Page 1-2
  2. 2. JANUARYn e w s l e t t e rTraveler of the Month-Anupama SahaAnupama is an Architect and Transport planner living in Delhi. in July 2011 stands out.She travels extensively both for work and pleasure. TheDream/Must Travel Destination(s)Other Home got her to talk about travel: I want to visit the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in India, and Niagra Falls abroad.Why do you Travel?I travel for relaxation and pleasure, I have an eye forWords of (Travel) Advice!uncommon details.... I am keen to know how the commonWell, travel light!man lives, and appreciate the local styles of architecture,incorportation of traditions and reflections of the history of a Other Interest (s)place, taste the local cuisine.Creative writing... I maintain my personal blog and also contribute to the TOH BlogMemorable Destination/Journeyfrom time to time. I have an uncommon interest in Tailoring.. I canBeing an architecture graduate, and born to two keen actually cut a piece of cloth fearlessly and stich a piece of clothingtravellers, I have got the opportunity to travel to many placesfor you!!of India. I dearly cherish all my trips. But, my trip to North GoaArticle of the Month: Orissa (Puri-Chillika-Konark-Bhuvaneshwar)-Golden Traingle of East IndiaOrissa , now called as Odisha is located on the east coastof India, by the Bay of Bengal. It is the modern name ofthe ancient nation of Kalinga, which was invaded by theMaurya Emperor Ashoka in 261 BC.Orissa has several popular tourist destinations, most popularamong them being Puri, Konark & Bhubaneswar, whichtogether are also known as Golden Triangle of eastern India.Travelers from all over India and World visit these threedestinations all throughout the year. Moreover, every yearduring the period of Rath Yatra, the Golden Triangle is visitedby huge number of religious travelers.Read the full series on The Other Home Sushmita Sarkar Photo of the Month: Puducherry, India Pondicherry consists of four small unconnected districts: Pondicherry, Karaikal and Yanam on the Bay of Bengal and Mah on the Arabian Sea. A remarkable degree of French influence in Pondicherry exists to this date. Pondicherry was designed based on the French (originally Dutch) grid pattern and features neat sectors and perpendicular streets. The town is divided into two sections: the French Quarter (Ville Blanche or White town) and the Indian quarter (Ville Noire or Black Town). Many streets still retain their French names, and French style villas are a common sight. Photo Share by: Mohamad Rafi HOME STAY VACATION RENTAL OUTDOOR Page 2-2