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  1. 1. Cambodia Tour Packages to See the Angkor Wat the Way Angkorian did Every year millions of travelers from all over the globe taking different Cambodia tour packages to explore the ancient Khmer land of Cambodia with its all surprises and wonders that one can expect when travel to Cambodia. A Mekong river cruise from southern Vietnam to the Phnom Penh is among the one of the many ways to enjoy the Cambodias beauty along the mighty delta of Mekong. However, cruising from My Tho in Vietnam to Cahu Doc and following to Phnom Penh and the Siem Reap is one of the most exciting adventure and luxury trips from Vietnam to Cambodia. It is also a good way to see ancient and historic sites while enjoying the cruising down the Mekong River Delta. However, the most popular cruise itineraries between Mekong in Vietnam to Cambodia and finally in Siem Reap are 7 days programs that are very popular among the luxury holiday makers, actually the cruises are in different style and capacity and each cruise has its own itinerary, so, make sure to include a Mekong River Cruise. There are many specialized sort of tourism nowadays and Cambodia tours and vacations are part of that. Besides being a renowned country in Indochina and as one of the top 10 tourist attractions in 2012 for all kind of archaeological, historical and cultural tour packages to Cambodia there is also what is known as temple exploration. Angkor Wat is with no doubt one of the best examples of Hindu- Buddhist temples dating back to late 9th century and is what now UNESCO considered it as the largest religious structure in the world. By the way, with the right and well planned Cambodia tour packages you will be able to visit a wide variety of beautiful and healing tropical valleys, attractions and hidden gems that you cant find them easily when you travel solo.
  2. 2. Suggested 7 days cruise from Sothern Vietnam to Cambodia There are many cruise companies offering the 7 days itineraries from South Vietnam and My Tho. This amusing activity on the Mekong luxury cruise is run upon request, following are the trip route: As you see, the cruise trip is very exciting and full of new things to experience My Tho, South Vietnam Cai Bei, Cambodia Chau Doc, Vietnam Phnom Penh Cambodia Kampong Cham, Cambodia Wat Hanchey, Cambodia Kampong Cham, Cambodia Kampong Chhnang, Cambodia Siem Reap, Cambodia Highlights of Cambodia tour packages My Tho: This small but uniquely charming city located in the heart of the Mekong Delta and is one of the most visited parts of the Delta.
  3. 3. Cai Be: Along with Cai Rang are two most important and renowned part of the Mekong Delta that are famous for their bustling floating markets, you see how life is going on the water, people trades, sell and buy and enjoy the life on the waters. Cahu Doc: Located along the Bassac river and it is a waterway connection act as a bridge between Vietnam and Cambodia. There was a real increasing in tourism since the borders between the two countries have been opened in late 2000. Travelers also have an option to travel from Chau Doc to Phnom Penh via Speed boats. Phnom Penh: The bustling colonial capital of Cambodia, this gem city of Indochina have been attracting travelers for many reasons, its beauty, its palaces and its glazed temples as well as the bustling morning markets and the authentic khmer style cuisines that are flavored to your mouth and you want to try it again and again. Siem Reap: Home to Angkor Wat temples and a serene city with its unique attractions. When in Siem Reap you will take trip to visit the magnificent temples of Angkor Wat. Enjoy the Apsara dance show to get more familiar with the Khmer culture and see alive what you saw in Angkor Wat bas reliefs. Also, Siem Reap is a base for day trip and excursions to the largest fresh water in Indochina, the Tonle Sap Lake where you will be able to take a boat trip to visit the floating villages and meet with the welcoming locals who have been living on water for ages. Luxury Travel Vietnam, LTD A multi award and first luxury tour operator in Vietnam with the slogan Touching hearts to serve the todays most sophisticated travelers. Plan our coming Cambodia tour packages and let us arrange your luxury holiday to the most renowned destination in Indochina. Know more about us at :