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  • Beautiful places of Cambodia Tour Packages

    Cambodia tour packages are designed in a variety of concept as the country itself has a lot

    more than just sightseeing to offer. Cambodia, the Khmer land is a tiny land with its breathtaking

    history and the lush tropical environment is different and unique from other destinations in the

    Indochina peninsula. Luxury travel Cambodia has become increasingly popular since the last

    few years. Cambodia is one of the peaceful and calm destinations that is created in the lap of

    the nature, the country is bordering with Thailand, Laos and Vietnam and together makes it a

  • great holiday destination in Indochina, the population of Cambodia is about 16 million by 2015.

    Most of the holiday makers think of traveling to Cambodia to see the ancient and magical

    temples of Angkor Wat but for instant I have to say that this ancient country has a lot more than

    the usual temple touring to offer, one could expect a holiday that is following the classical routes

    of Cambodia, the others could opt for a tour that is crossing the Mekong Delta water ways from

    southern Vietnam to the Phnom Penh and Siem Reap while for some other luxury Vacationers

    there will be more offers on private island escape in Son Saa Island and the ultimate luxury

    holiday to Cambodia

    There are many beautiful places in to be explored and to spend your Cambodia vacation. Here

    you can make your days as memorable as possible. Holidays in Cambodia are customized to

    suit all travelers with any budget and interest in mind as there are all sorts of accommodations

    from the cheap charley to the ultra luxury deals all around the country. The tourism is very

    important to the Cambodia economy and every year millions of tourists visit the country whether

    on an organized Cambodia tour or alone and with group of tours. Every part of the Cambodia

    has unique sites and attraction to make a holiday to Cambodia a new and wonderful experience

    for everyone. The first step toward the planning a worry free trip to Cambodia is to determine

    when and where in the country you wish to travel to, fortunately Cambodia is not as big as

    Vietnam or let say Thailand so you can visit the whole and or main tourist spots in a week or so,

    the tour packages Cambodia must be tailor made in order to fit them to the travelers exact


    Tips when Visiting the Pagodas in Cambodia The official religion of Cambodia is Buddhism, which is widely practiced in neighboring countries

    like Thailand, Laos or Myanmar and somehow in Vietnam. Visitors must pay respect when

    visiting the pagodas or Wat, dress properly in all religious places, dont enter the religious sites

  • with tank top or bare legs, sandals and a hat should be removed when entering a shrine or a

    pagoda (wat) where Buddhist images are kept. Each Buddha statue, regarding the size, well

    kept or in ruins, is regarded sacred. Never climb onto a Buddha or photograph a Buddha inside

    a temple without asking permission. Most Cambodia tour packages are include a day or two to

    visit the famous temples of Angkor Wat, this is a most see holiday to Cambodia, there are

    thousands of tourist visiting the magnificent sites and the temple complex every day, tickets are

    being sold on daily basis to weeklong tour, its all depend on your time and the interest but most

    of the tour providers arrange a two to four day tour while if you have less time in the country

    then you can also visit the temple in one day to visit the main Angkor Wat complex, Bayon and

    the Angkor Thom.

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