Why people are obsessed with new realities

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  • NEW REALITIESwhy people are obsessed with

  • Its not new


  • We always built new realitiesthrough stories

  • Myths



  • Radio

    TV & Movies


    Video Games

  • Nowwe can buildimpressive


  • No Mans SkyA space exploration game

  • unique planets18,446,744,073,709,551,616

  • Generates mostof its content using

    math functions

  • Itd take a single player roughly

    500 billion years to visit each planet

  • Even the developers

    dont know everything thats

    in the game

  • We continuously expands our limits in gaming

  • 40 years ago, we had pong,two rectangles and a dot.

    That was what games were.

  • Now we have photorealistic 3D simulationswith millions of people playing


  • If you assume any rate of improvement at all,

    the games will become indistinguishable from reality

  • 100% realistic

    With self-conscious AI

    Self-generated world

  • But why we are obsessed with creating new realities?

  • self-replicationThe simple answer might be

  • Self-replicationany behavior of a dynamical system that yieldsconstruction of an identical copy of itself

  • Self-replication

    drives the evolutionof life on Earth

    is widely usedin computer science

    observed in nonliving systems

  • Perhaps, creating new realities is a result of

    self-replicating nature

  • Of ourselves


    Social Media

  • Or our universe?VR AR MR

  • The only thing we can be sure

  • Virtual

    its not if, its when we create

    True Reality

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