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Presentation Of DataBase

Presentation Of DataBase Prepared by : Syeda Rimsha Ali(2k12/IT/87)

WHITE BOX & BLACK BOXTESTING IN DATABASEWhite box & black box are software testing methods.Software testing is a process that should be done during the development process. In other words software testing is a verification and validation process.Verification : is the process to make sure the product satisfies the conditions imposed at the start of the development phase. In other words, to make sure the product behaves the way we want it to.

Validation : Validation is the process to make sure the product satisfies the specified requirements at the end of the development phase. In other words, to make sure the product is built as per customer requirements.There are many testing methods in software but we are going to discuss two Basic software methods that are:White box And black box software testing method.

WHITE BOX TESTING Definition : Machine or system whose internal structure or processing is known in addition to the knowledge about its inputs, outputs, and the relationship between them.Also called glass box ,transparent box ,clear box or Code-based testing to check whether a given set of inputs results in the required or specified set of outputs.

Summary :Static testing can be used by the developer who wrote the code , just reviewing error to find the code .Code Walkthrough is a form of peer review in which a programmer leads the review process and the other team members ask questions and spot possible errors against development standards and other issues. The main purpose of code inspection is to find defects.The software is tested by executing it on computer. to describe the testing of the dynamic behavior of code. Ex: Unit testing, integration testing, system testing.The more good unit tests there is covering the code, the easier it will be to read, understand and change the code later on. Code complexity figure tells quite well how easy it is to read and change the code.

Example of White Box There is nothing inherently wrong with allowing a user to enter an unmasked 16-digit number into a form, but if that number is a credit card primary account number (PAN) and the form is part of the company's cardholder data environment, it's a violation of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

BASIC PROCEDURE of white box testingThe three basic steps that white-box testing takes in order to create test cases: 1/input 2/Procedure 3/outputInput involves different types of requirements, functional specifications, detailed designing of documents, proper source code, security specifications. This is the preparation stage of white-box testing to layout all of the basic information.

Procedure involves performing risk analysis to guide whole testing process, proper test plan, execute test cases and communicate results . This is the phase of building test cases to make sure they thoroughly test the application the given results are recorded accordingly.

Output involves preparing final report that encompasses all of the above preparations and results.

Black Box Testing Black box testing is the software testing method which is used to test the software without knowing the internal structure of code or program.This testing is based on specification and requirements.All testing is done as customers point of view and tester is only aware of what is software is suppose to do but how these requests are processing by software is not aware.While testing tester is knows about the input and expected outputs of the software and they do not aware of how the software or application actually processing the input requests & giving the outputs.Tester only passes valid as well as invalid inputs & determines the correct expected outputs.

For example : An operating system like Windows, a website like Google ,a database like Oracle or even your own custom application. Under Black Box Testing , you can test these applications by just focusing on the inputs and outputs without knowing their internal code implementation.

Black box testing is also known as functional testing.

Types of black box testingFunctional testing : This black box testing type is related to functional requirements of a system; it is done by software testers.Non-functional testing : This type of black box testing is not related to testing of a specific functionality , but non-functional requirements such as performance, scalability, usability.Regression testing : Regression testing is done after code fixes , upgrades or any other system maintenance to check the new code has not affected the existing code.

AdvantagesWhite BoxBlack BoxSide effects of having the knowledge of the source code is beneficial to thorough testing.[Optimization of code by revealing hidden errors and being able to remove these possible defectsWhite box tests are easy to automate (to run or operate by using machines .More effective on larger units of code than glass box testing.Tester needs no knowledge of implementation, including specific programming languages . Tester and Programmer are independent of each other tests are done from a users point of view .

DisadvantagesWhite BoxBlack BoxWhite-box testing brings complexity to testing because the tester must have knowledge of the program, including being a programmer.It is not realistic to be able to test every single existing condition of the application and some conditions will be untested.Without clear and concise specifications, test cases are hard to design . And may leave many program paths untested

only a small number of possible inputs can actually be tested, to test every possible input stream would take nearly forever .