What is Agile Testing and Its Methodologies

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Agile testing is a software testing practice that follows the principles of agile software development. Agile testing involves all members of a cross-functional agile team, with special expertise contributed by testers, to ensure delivering the business value desired by the customer at frequent intervals


<ul><li> 1. Testing in Agile Projects: Where Things Stand TodayBy : Apex TG India Pvt Ltd</li></ul> <p> 2. What Are Agile Projects? An attitude toward change An attitude toward software Some attitudes toward people 3. Changing Requirements Are SwellOh! Lets add this!Sure!Now that I see myfeature, I dont like it. How should wechange it? 4. Software Can Be Soft Programs can become better, cleaner, and more capable They become changeable by being successfully changed not mainly by planning for change Frequent new requirements train the code and the coders 5. People Written documentation is a poor substitute for continuous conversation Generalists trump specialists Teams can self-organize Trust if you ask for help, someone has to help you - Lisa Crispin 6. Agile Methodologies Extreme Programming Scrum DSDM Evolutionary delivery and staged delivery share manycharacteristics 7. The ImportThese attitudes towardchange, software, and people are thecontext for testing in Agile projects 8. Four Types of Testing 9. Programmer TestingI need an object that records eachtime segmentTest-driven designUnit testing 10. Programmer TestingThe test comes first 11. Programmer TestingCode is written topass the test 12. Programmer TestingNot done?Write another test 13. Programmer TestingAnd the code to pass it.All earlier tests continue to pass 14. Programmer TestingCode awkward? Fix it now.Tests continue to pass(Refactoring) 15. Programmer TestingEventually, the jelly is cooked, nailed down,and ready for further change 16. Status 17. I need an object that records eachtime segmentWhy was thisdecision made? 18. Because of a Customer RepresentativeI want to scribble notes aboutwhat Im doing 19. FIT TestsReminder,notrequirementMakes senseto thecustomerrepresentativeEasy to runfit.c2.com 20. Test ResultsBrowser-FriendlyTestsFirst 21. Tests Make ChangeSmoothsmallchangesmallchangesmallchangeHas anythingbroken?Has anythingbroken?Has anythingbroken? 22. Tests InformProgrammers There are no explicit requirements or specifications so tests cannot check code against them Tests serve same goal as requirements or specifications they provoke programmers towrite the right programNo way! 23. Requirements for Test Notation Provoking the right code Improving product conversation tests are something to talk about ground conversation in the concrete forging a common vocabulary Making possibilities more noticeable explaining to someone else supplements trying out working software concreteness sparks ideas</p>