Web 2.0 Tools for Teaching & Learning

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1. for Teaching & Learning 2. One way to stay organized. 3. Creativity Usability Openness Collaboration Why should I care? 4. Whats going on with Web 2.0 Identify & explore useful Web 2.0 tools Learning activities & discussion Social Bookmarking Wikis Image & Video Sharing Practical Applications 5. Institutions Individuals Web 2.0: Why should I care? Teaching & Learning Have Moved Online 6. The Internet is Transforming Rapidly Web 2.0: Why should I care? 7. Gain an appreciation for the contribution of Web 2.0 tools and principles to teaching and learning Develop a personal definition of the term Web 2.0 Create a list of ways that teachers and learners can apply Web 2.0 tools and principles Identify Web 2.0 applications that will be personally and professionally beneficial Apply Web 2.0 principles of creativity, usability, openness, and collaboration by using Web 2.0 tools to Locate interesting information using a social bookmarking site Edit a Wikiversity learning projectUse the power of tags to locate photos on an image sharing site 8. What is ? 9. Web 2.0 Tools for Teaching & Learning Barry Dahl Chief Information Officer Superior College Duluth, MN 10. Always Available Easily Shared User-Vetted Better Organized 11. Collaboration in Action 12. 13. Accessibility Taggability Syndication 14. You have been asked to provide an online training session calledAnimal Photography .What are some ways that you could incorporate Web 2.0 tools and principles into the planning and delivery of the session? 15. OurWikiversity learning project List ofWeb 2.0 servicesfor education Will Richardsonsblog A transcript ofthe best speech ever givenon what Web 2.0 The Human Network will mean for us all