Wearable Tech Trends - Activity Trackers and Smart Watches - CES 2014

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AiT makes apps and services for Sports & Fitness.
We attended CES2014 and wrote up some notes to share with our team when we got home. We thought others might find these useful too. We’re mainly interested in waterproof devices and sports and fitness so it’s written from this perspective. This deck covers the main device types, a possible market segmentation and a brief summary of each device. We’ve also included other wearable references and inspiration we spotted at CES2014. http://activeintime.com @chrismoisan

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  • 1. AiT makes apps and services for Sports & Fitness. We attended CES2014 and wrote up some notes to share with our team when we got home. We thought others might nd these useful too. Were mainly interested in waterproof devices and sports and tness so its written from this perspective. This deck covers the main device types, a possible market segmentation and a brief summary of each device. Weve also included other wearable references and inspiration we spotted at CES2014. Feel free to get in touch with any questions. Wed also recommend the newly launched wearables database http://vandrico.com/database @chrismoisan http://activeintime.com/A IT

2. Thoughts 3 groups appear to be emerging. The specialist sports/ single activity trackers, the broader more generic activity trackersand the new smart watch category. Specialist/ Single Sport Trackers Credible user cases, focus on data/insights and coaching/performance. These companies tend to have establishedcreds in hardware, devices more likely to be waterproof, less likely to be open and less likely to be tethered to mobile Multi-Activity Trackers Vast array of clips, badges bands, brooches, ear pieces and headsets but *mostly* indistinguishable technically.Major players are FitBit, Nike+ and Jawbone but lots of new devices snapping at their heels. Again, less likely to be open- although Razer Nabu activity band announced 10K developers signed up to their developer programme. Relationship between this type of tracker and the mobile often blurred. The mobile *could swallow this device asthe sensor specs of mobile accelerating - need to dene their role/environment vs the mobile. Opportunities for behavioural change, niche focus like sleep tracking or niche segments like Corporate Well-being -or like the Ibitz application for children. Need to balance credible user cases with form-factor/aesthetic - Shine were the rst to focus on fashion, FitBitannounced a collaboration with fashion brand Tory Butch - these devices have to avoid Blue douche syndrome (Wired US http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2013/12/wearable-computers/) Smart Watches show promise. Currently not sure which category they fall into - mobile accessory/add on, watch or a new category of their own?If tablets become so commonplace - could you dare to imagine them displacing our much loved mobiles? Pebble leading the market by a fair stretch and smart watches more likely to be open platforms Main conclusion. Wearable Hardware IS HARD but its getting easier and cheaper.A IT 3. Market Segmentation* NON WATER-PROOF ReachSMART WATCHESMULTI ACTIVITY TRACKERSSPECIALIST SPORTS TRACKERS* this is just one possible segmentation - which in itself is imperfect. Reach is relative to within segment rather than compared to other segments.Activities Tracked / Feature Set 4. Open Platforms NON WATER-PROOF ReachSMART WATCHESMULTI ACTIVITY TRACKERSSPECIALIST SPORTS TRACKERSActivities Tracked / Feature Set 5. TRACKERSA IT 6. Adidas miCoach Tom Tom Multi SportLG Life BandPolar Loop TrackeriFit Personal TrackerGarmin VivoFitBasisMagellan Echo Smart SportsJaybird ReignAtlas WearablesArchos Fitness BandMio Alpha Watch + LinkTRACKERSAmigoSony Core + SmartbandWellograph Wellness WatchRazer NabuFitbitiHealth TrackerMovea G SeriesJawBone UpEpson PulsesenseShineLark Life BandNike Fuel band A IT 7. Smart Run Watch Speed_Cell Foot based accel. Speed, distance, max.speed, stride rateADIDAS micoach Splash resistant Heavily customised Android o/s foundation Charged via proprietary micro-USB 3GB storage for music (bluetooth headphones required) Watch face can be changed Evolving eco-system of products ranging from heart rate monitor, stride, run watch and companion apps + web app micoach has elite version used by pro-teams too Individualised coaching depending on how your body is performing. Everyone can benet from expert advice. Heart rate + activity provides best view of how a unique body responds. Devices should measure you not just what you do. Individualized, expert training is the next wave Data captured at 100mhz (apparently) Primary sports within the app: American Football, Basketball, Football, Handball, Hockey, Tennis, Rugby App has its own, optional password protection (why?) 1000 screen + audio coaching packs (US male, female or Derrick Rose). These are provided by http:// www.athletesperformance.com/X_Cell vertical, quickness, hustleAppsPlans are congured on mi-coach website and then sync with device. App main areas:Go, Track, Blog Settings $400 AIT, 2014 http://activeintime.com 8. Tom Tom Multi Sport GPS Watch Waterproof Proprietary sync cable (no Bluetooth Detects Strokes, Distance and Laps. Track time, distance and pace on an extra-large, high resolution display. One button control (on strap just below face) Large display for easy at a glance view Can add heart rate sensors and other accessories. Graphical Training Partner feature is very cool with a Race/Pace feature with vibration alerts if youre above/below pace. See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGihB8cRMds Detailed review here http://ttechnica.co.uk/ttechnica/2013/10/tomtommultisport-review/ [although this review suggests it was over reporting distance by 50% for breast stroke but 100% on Free ] 179 http://sports.tomtom.com/en_us/ AIT, 2014 http://activeintime.com 9. Polar Loop Tracker band Waterproof (up to 20m) 5 days charge iOS + Web (no Android) LED display shows time, calorie, steps, daily activity goal. Feels/looks similar to FuelBand with poly bracelet and stainless clips $109 US from October 2013, WW in 2014 Video http://www.polarloop.com/us-en/see.php AIT, 2014 http://activeintime.com 10. Garmin VivoFit Water resistant 50m Learns your activity level and assigns a personalised daily goal. (neat little feature) Time and time to move Displays steps, calories, distance; monitors sleep Pairs with heart rate monitor for tness activities 1+ year battery life Bluetooth Save, plan and share progress at Garmin Connecthttp://sites.garmin.com/vivo/ Nice website! $129 (without HR monitor) Pre-Order in US $24.99 for additional bands AIT, 2014 http://activeintime.com 11. Magellan Echo Smart Sports Watch & Switch Series Echo seems to be splashproof but Switch series waterproof up to 50m Echo Tethered - streams data Ultra low power 1 yr use (cell vs recharge) Open Sports platform - currently Strava, Map MyRun - plans to have Golf, Ski and other apps iOS, Android $149.99 Switch Series = $200 http://www.magellangps.com/Echo AIT, 2014 http://activeintime.com 12. Atlas Wearables Waterproof (50-100m) TechStars start-up, Indiegogo (currently at $250K of $125K goal) Heart rate, 3 axis accel Aims to identify dierent exercises (states swimming as key user case with stroke identication) Focussed as specic tness/exercise tracker rather than generic activity tracker Open Platform to build apps on + extract data to 3rd party apps. Austin based $159 includes MVP MapMyFitness - estimated 2015 shipping http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/atlas-the-rsttness-tracker-that-actually-tracks-your-workout AIT, 2014 http://activeintime.com 13. Mio Alpha Watch + Mio Link Water proof (30m, 3ATM) Claims continuous heart rate monitoring with the accuracy of chest monitor (but the serious sensor specialists suggest this isnt likely within the next 2years+) Blue tooth 4.0 Connects with MapMyFitness, MapMyRun, MapMyRide, miCoach, Endomondo, Strava, Runtastic, RunKeeper, Wahoo Fitness and Digitt [Note : sync with these apps will depend on which version OS youre on] Kick Starter project in 2012 raising $330K (against 100K goal), 1400 backers iOS + Android Watch like the UnderArmour39 (check strap) targeted at serious athletes Watch = $199 Available in Apple Store (US) Mio Link bands shipping in March 2014, $99 App links activity to achieving target heart rate goals (not seen it but images form DC below look refreshingly unique) In depth review http://www.dcrainmaker.com/2014/01/mio-link-rstlook.html AIT, 2014 http://activeintime.com 14. Wellograph Wellness Watch Splashproof? Sapphire crystal, stainless steel, and aluminium Sensors: Tri-LED heart rate sensor, 9-axis motion sensor (?) Bluetooth 4.0 LE Data Capacity: 4 month record for continuous use Battery Life : 2 weeks per charge, 3 months in watch-only mode Magnetic charging dock with Micro USB power adapter iOS & Android Love the simple, stripped almost line-art interface. Brief glimpse of the UI on companion app looks less unique Available Spring 2004 $320 http://wellograph.com/ AIT, 2014 http://activeintime.com 15. Fitbit Fitbit had a big presence at CES. Unsurprising for a business thats had $96m investment, 180 employees and shipped its rst product in 2009. According to NPD Stats - Fitbit + Jawbone + Nike = 97% of all smart phone enabled trackers - with Fit Bit accounting for 68% of this (Jawbone = 19%, Nike 10%). 2013 Market estimated to be worth $330m with Best Buy biggest single channel [http://goo.gl/mOJxNC] CEO, James Park came across as smart, realist almost humble. For example, when answering a question about whether theyre looking to provide more tailored work out programmes. His response were focussed on getting the basics right like syncing reliably Like many other devices, Fitbit interested in Corporate Wellness programmes (via API) Flex = waterproof ($89) Force = not water resistant ($129) AIT, 2014 http://activeintime.com 16. Movea G Series (in partnership with Texas Instruments) Some Waterproof devices Movea have pedigree in motion and sports tracking (including Swim lap counting and stroke detection) Claims to be most accurate Posture detection: standing, sitting, walking, running Activity monitoring: step count, energy expenditure, distance Sports performance: running speed and cadency, biking cadency Sleep monitoring: sleep time, sleep cycle analysisNot publicly available as yet. http://www.movea.com/products/movet AIT, 2014 http://activeintime.com 17. Epson Puls