Voice Quick Tips: Websites for Nonprofits

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Voice Quick Tips: Websites for Nonprofits

Text of Voice Quick Tips: Websites for Nonprofits

  • 1. Websites for Nonprots Author: Sylwia Presley, December 2011
  • 2. IntroductionThis document contains tips for nonprots looking for best practices of websitebuilding, structuring and social media positioning.We have helped our clients to manage their websites during process of re-branding, update of activities or social media adoption, so here are few tipsyou might nd useful.
  • 3. Focus on content!Content should be at the heart of your website planning. Design needs tocomplement it, not vice versa. Content needs to be: relevant, valuable,engaging, consistent with your brand message and other social mediapresences. http://www.wwf.org.uk/
  • 4. Add a blog section!Tonality of your website is usually very formal. Add blog to your website toallow your readers meet your team, learn about up to date developments andthe great work you are doing! http://blogs.oxfam.org/
  • 5. State your goals clearly!Articulate the goals of your organisation clearly and support those with gooddesign. Do not write long paragraphs, just explain what you do in one sentence. http://www.custodialabuse.org/
  • 6. Make it easy to donate!Place donation buttons in visible places on your website. Explain clearly all possibleways to donate. Develop easy donation processes for your website visitors! http://www.redcross.org/
  • 7. Make it easy to volunteer!Help your potential volunteers to nd ways to get involved! Provide easy ways ofcontacting your relevant teams. Be open to suggestions! http://www.diabetes.org/
  • 8. Make it easy for press and bloggers!Place news and blog sections on your site to feed press and bloggers with news informat relevant to those audiences. Update those sections regularly! http://www.nationalcherryblossomfestival.org/news/press-room/
  • 9. Make it easy for your readers!Place content wisely on your website, make it easy to navigate, browse and nd.Consider international and local audiences! Avoid industry slang to open to newpotential audiences. Explain the content of your website, provide a website map! http://www.greenpeace.co.uk/
  • 10. Help Google nd you!Consider SEO optimisation of your website use tags, keywords and metatags onyour website. Google and other search engines will help promote your website forfree!
  • 11. Integrate social media!Add sharing buttons to your content. Add your social media presences to the mainpage of your website to let your readers know that they can also nd you on Twitter,Facebook, Google+ or elsewhere on the web. If you have a lot of social presences,dedicate a separate subpage to them. http://www.savethechildren.org/
  • 12. Keep up to date!Browse around the web for other non-prot websites and learn from each other. CheckMashable.com and other social media blogs for industry updates. Ask social mediavolunteers to train you on recent developments or simply ask for help on Twitter.
  • 13. ContactIf you have any comments please contact:Sylwia PresleyE-mail: sylwiapresley@nfpvoice.comMobile: 07850 138 178Twitter: @presleysylwia and @nfpvoiceSkype: sylwia.presley