Using data visualization tools to make decisions

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Slides from a show today to CPAs about free easy to use tools to present data.

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2. OVERVIEW What is data? Importance of presenting data in easily consumable formats Tools available Word Clouds - Wordle / Tagxedo Mapping BatchGeo PowerView Dynamic Charting PowerView / Tableau PublicReasons to use these tools 3. WHAT IS DATA? Data are values of qualitative or quantitative variables, belonging to a set of items, or the very pale droid on Star Trek. 4. WHAT IS DATAS POTENTIAL? Deep knowledge Wasted storage space Misinterpretation Confusion Hidden insights Hunch confirmationFind and measure what is important! 5. WORD CLOUDS Word clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source textMORELESS 6. WORD CLOUDS ONLINE TOOLSWordle most popular easiest to use Tagxedo allows clouds in specific shapes 7. WORD CLOUDS USES Find important topics from poll results If open ended questions are used this is an easy way to see what is important.Compare data sets Look at word cloud of vendors from two years, do the changes make sense?Explain variances to non-accounting people Clients/Bosses not in the accounting industry can understand different sized words easier than a chart of numbers. 8. EXAMPLE: SURVEY ANSWER DATA 500+ RESPONSES TO OPEN ENDED QUESTION *multiple topics to be made aware of highlights...can also share with others on the job *awareness of vendor offerings *meet other CPAs to talk about issues,etc.Large catalog and a large variety of topics.EaseRange of topicsConsistently reliable CPEOFFERED THROUGH THE OHIO SOCIETY OF CPA'S. I LIKED THE COSTGood Materialthey provide half day free local seminars and ethicsBEST PRICING AND PRODUCT QUALITYMatches niche / specialty.Easy, conveientSince I have to pay personally for CPE, I try to get it at a lower cost. As a government employee, I also pay personally for my CPA license, AICPA membership, OSCPA membership, and other professional organizations, all of which keep increasing in cost while government salaries have been frozen. convenient location and allowed to take time away from work to attendPricing and selections.I enjoy reading the VOICE each month, learning about all the current topics. I also enjoy the PIU's -great format, excellent presenter.varies1) Bob Jennings- outstanding speaker 2) costlarge selection of courses and dates availableeaserange of topics & flexibility of venuescontentOffers a wide range of topics and qualified speakersGood mix of topicsThey provide those closest to my office.BEST QUALITY CPEMember of OSCPAEasy, paid for by firmSmall, easy-to-complete courses Good cost per unit Variety of coursesConvenient locations, quality programmingProgram contentI enjoy the accounting show and PIU. I would like to take more one-day courses, but need more relevant topics (share-based compensation accounting), etc.variety1) They are usually not there to sell you stuff. 2) Our folks have generally gotten a lot out of Surgent McCoy classes and given us good feedback.Large selection of courses, maintains CPE transcript, locationEase and ConvenienceReasonably priced w/membership, relevant to job, backup tracking of hours, accessibility of various formats, quality of progr ams, timely.Content & MaterialsOffers the most applicable information. Specific accounting technology applications interest me the most.Good presentations, good optionsThey track CPE and I know the information is relevant and current and correctBest selection of topics and value for the price.Membership discount and variety offerred on CPE day and accounting show.economical and worthwileSociety keeps my hours.Convenient, effective, affordable, varietyProvide content most relevant to my current positioni enjoy the quality cpe provided and it is another way to networkVariety12 hours per quarterLarge variety of topics and locations. Plus a large amount of webinars.Ease and relavenceREASONABLY PRICED, SELF STUDY AVAILABLEConveniant and relevant.Ohio Society is very professional and have better presenters. The other CPE programs I attend are from who ever I can find, don't really have a specific provider to list. GOOD QUALITY CPE THAT I AM SURE WILL QUALIFY FOR CPE IN OHIO AND GIVE ACCURATE INFORMATIONThey track my CPE credits and they offer a wide variety o f topics and locations.Best source of industry specific technical informationMore choices that impact internal audit in industryeconomical, local, varietySociety provides great variety of seminars.convenient, wide selection of courses offeredProvide good seminars with great speakersI get to go to Las Vegas!!!!!!VarietyA large variety of topics and formatsLARGEST SELECTION OF TOPICS AND LOCATIONSEase of 1 hour webinar for FREERelated to my industry (Architecture)Convenienceon demand convenience and low price for unlimited credits; content is valuableGood reange of topics and localThey will come to our office and provide a current update of tax. Also they are very good.Best speakersMore convenient and customized for our firm.e-learning is broken down into several chapters and each chapter has a small final exam rather than one test at the end. Unfor tunately they don't offer the Ethics test in that format.Specialized industry coverage (SEC and EBP)convenient. online short 1-2 credit classesProvide more hours for a reasonable priceI have had some really good speakers from Surgent McCoy. They used real world experience as examples.Variety and NeedsAbility to combine a resort location / vacation in the evenings and weekends with CPE training.Like the annual accounting shows which has variety of subject and the Professional updates in Spring and FallEase of access and array of classesRelatively low costConvenienceOn demand, one price for unlimited self studyGood selection of local seminarsthey're great!Best variety, quality, availability of CPEMore dynamic speakers and topics.employerSubject, Timing, and Location is how I choose my CPE. Provider has no impact.convienceProvide quality information and keep track of hoursI have more experience with their products.Variety of course offerings & locations. Topical subject matter. Course quality.Access/Topics/CostListening to people in my profession who have more experience/knowledge is easier to connect toEase of CPE reportingRelevance, quality, cost, convenienceconvenienceon pointgood solid training classes and already accepted by Accounting BoardThose are the only courses I have taken in my short CPA careerBETTER ORGANIZED AND MORE INFORMATIVEMore focused on the IA profesion with more industry specific topics.Employer providedSuppliers or business partnersConvienenceProvides a variety of topics at reasonable costI have the flexibility of taking multiple courses on a time frame of my choosingVariety of course topicsaccessableLocalEase of getting required knowledge whether general or specific.Relevantconvenienceonly choice, currentlygood subject material and the convenience of the locationTIME FLEXIBILITYBETTER QUALITY OF PROGRAMS; MORE AREAS OF CONCENTRATION; MORE SELECTIONSmore interesting coursesenjoy the discussion points and vast portion of informationSupport our Society and ease of trackingConvienent and inexpensiveProvides best topics and locationsI have the most exposure to their programs; good speakers and contentVariety of Courses and priceActive in the field and know the issues that small accounting office face.LOCALEASE OF REGISTARTION VARIETY OF CLASSES OFFEREDRelevant and accessible, numerous optionsConvenienceOSCPAGood tax training & materials at a good costTimely and relevantbetter quality speakersMore meaningful information provided timely.Events are interesting, relevant and not too expensive.Surgent McCoy and PPC very inexpensiveconvienent, easy and professionally recognizedprovides CPE that is very relative to my career and topics that are useful.I know the course automatically qualifies for CPE.variety of courses, available in Akron, Cleveland or ColumbusAICPA offers multiple day conferences targeted to specific industries with a good variety of topics and nationally recognized speakers.local - timely topics - personalEase of reporting to the OSCPA. I don't have to worry if I will receive CPE credit for the courses I attend.relevant auditing topicsConvenienceOSCPAGood topics for career I'm in.Timely topics. Good Manual-Online preferred. Sometimes local with minimum travel.Better variety Better at notifying me of opportunitiesMore relaxed and comfortable. We know that the teacher has credibility in our relevant industries.Excellent materialsTargeted education to my business needsConvienience and automatic update to CPE file.QualityI like the self study base on time and price.Variety of courses, convenientAICPA's self-study is convenient and cost-effective.Local and generally easier to fit into scheduleEase of schedulingRelevant coursesConvenienceOSCPA - Local AICPA - Valuation conferencegood varietyTimely, relevant and the OSCPA keeps track of the CPE for you.Bigger selection, closer to home.More relevent topicsExcellent programs, and avaivalilityTargeted for CPAs. I choose the conferences I attend based on class choice and if they will fit my needs.Cost & LocationQualityI like the topics and locationsVariety of CPE offeredall course materials maintained by OSCPA and I don't have to keep track - already on my transcriptLocal availability, free professional issues updates 2x per yearEase of schedulingrelevant topicsConvenienceOSCPA has relevant topics at low cost in convenient locations.good variety of classes with locations throughout ClevelandTimely, relevant topics with easy accessBreadth and quality of offeringsMore selectionFair price, good locationsTax and Accounting CPE needs, webcasting opportunitiescost & qualityQualityI like the way they give a two day course, with the first covering a broader range of subjects and the sec