Unleashing the Innovative Enterprise with Robin Bienfait

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We are in a new era of enterprise mobility. With well over one-third of employees working from home or the road, and with business itself becoming increasingly global, organizations must find new ways to improve business processes, speed decision-making, increase customer satisfaction, and drive revenues from all areas of the organization. BYOD is something we must embrace. And everything must be viewed through the lens of Mobile First. The applications and devices that employees are using to do their jobs are increasingly designed to support a remote and virtual workforce while enabling the kind of real-time communication and collaboration that separate success from failure. And yet those same respondents tell us that supporting new business needs is driving up costs—and they are looking for ways in which technology can help improve those outcomes.

Text of Unleashing the Innovative Enterprise with Robin Bienfait

  • 1. UNLEASHING THEINNOVATIVE ENTEPRISERobin BienfaitChief Enterprise Innovation OfficerGlobal Enterprise Services#DigitalBusiness @SamsungBizUSA@SamsungBizUSA #DigitalBusiness

2. Continuing & Expanding Challenges@SamsungBizUSA #DigitalBusinessScalingSolutionsAcross aGlobalBusinessIncreasingSecurityConcernsEnhanced andConsistentUserExperienceAddressingIntelligenceandAutomationManagingBYODPolicies,EmployeeApplicationChoice 3. The Business Equation@SamsungBizUSA #DigitalBusiness 4. Imagine New PossibilitiesUNLEASHinnovation: Open up your ecosystem and work across platformsLEVERAGEvalue from existing investments: Use them as building blocksACCELERATEthe Enterprise of Everything: Get to a clear strategy now@SamsungBizUSA #DigitalBusiness 5. Open Up AFlexible Ecosystem,And WorkCross-platformEngage In DirectAnd DedicatedRelationships@SamsungBizUSA #DigitalBusinessImagine A TrulyDigital BusinessGain Value FromExisting TechnologyInvestmentsCommitment to Business 6. Servicing the Digital BusinessEnterprise Mobile Apps 6 Strategic Partnerships5Mobility Consulting Services Professional ServicesMobile ApplicationDevelopment PlatformMobile Device and ApplicationManagement42@SamsungBizUSA #DigitalBusinessMBaaS/MADPMDM + SecurityTechnical Support &Provisioning ServicesMobile Enterprise SecurityManaged Mobility ServicesMobility Support (MS)1Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)Unified Communications,Collaboration, EFSSCommunication and Collaboration3Value Add Services (VAS) 7. 360ServicesSamsung360ServicesSupport MobileCareSecurity Applications@SamsungBizUSA #DigitalBusinessDeployment 8. @SamsungBizUSA #DigitalBusiness 9. Uniquely Positioned@SamsungBizUSA #DigitalBusiness 10. #DigitalBusiness @SamsungBizUSA@SamsungBizUSA #DigitalBusiness