Ultrasonic Belt Cleaner/Cleaning for Belt Furnaces

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An ultrasonic belt cleaner utilizes ultrasound technology with transducers, which are positioned in the cleaning tank. These transducers emit sound waves in a purifying solvent, which thoroughly scours the belt on conveyor belt furnaces. Compared to metal brush cleaning, this method cleans the belt faster, with more precision and consistency. For more information, please visit www.beltfurnaces.com.

Text of Ultrasonic Belt Cleaner/Cleaning for Belt Furnaces

  • 1. ULTRASONIC BELT CLEANING Understanding the Technology & Benefits of

2. HOW IT WORKS An ultrasonic belt cleaner utilizes ultrasound technology with transducers, which are positioned in the cleaning tank. These transducers emit sound waves in a purifying solvent, which thoroughly scours the furnace belt. The sound waves reverberate through the tank, creating compression and expansion in the liquid. This sudden change causes moments when the water can no longer exist in a fluid state. As a result, gas bubbles form. 3. HOW IT WORKS (CONTINUED) In other words, water can only exist in a liquid state above a minimum pressure (the threshold of cavitation). When the pressure decreases below the critical pressure, the water becomes a gas and evaporates. Then, when the pressure increases, the gas bubbles will collapse again. These microscopic bubbles dislodge impurities from the furnace belt. This process of creating minute bubbles in the liquid is known as cavitation. 4. HOW IT WORKS (CONTINUED) Cavitation will transpire throughout the cleaning solvent if the energy intensity is adequate. It will also expedite chemical reactions and the rate at which surface films are dissolved. As the frequency increases, the number of imploding bubbles also increases; however, the energy that is released by each bubble decreases. This means that higher frequencies are ideal for small particle removal, without damaging the belt. 5. HOW IT WORKS (CONTINUED) The immense amount of bubbles created by caviation cause a highly effective scrubbing action on both the exposed and the hidden areas of the belt that are immersed within the cleaning solution. Ultrasonic technology is very important for furnace belt sanitation, as it can deliver incredibly precise and efficient cleaning capabilities. 6. ULTRASONIC BELT CLEANER SCHEMATIC 7. ULTRASONIC BELT CLEANER INSTALLATION Integrating the belt cleaner into the furnace is straight-forward. The ultrasonic cleaning is inline, so the belt travels directly through the tank and there is no need to disassemble the belt from furnace. The belt can pass through the tank whenever necessary. We also offer an addition option, which provides a method to dry the belt when it comes out from the tank, if so desired. 8. ULTRASONIC BELT CLEANER INSTALLATION The ultrasonic washer is located underneath the discharge end of the oven: 9. ULTRASONIC BELT CLEANER INSTALLATION 1. Remove the side panels from the discharge table, and store for re-installation later. 2. Split the belt on the charge table. 3. Roll the excess under the discharge table. 4. Weld the two legs of the three 6 mild steel channels (C6 x 8.2) with the web top flush with the top of the discharge table framing channel as shown. Note: Do not weld along the top edge (only the legs) of the C6 x 8.2, as the ultrasonic cleaner will overhang the edge of the table. 5. Provide (four) 3H x 2W x 3/8 thick x 4 long mild steel angles. Drill and tap each for a 3/8 jack bolt in the center of the 3 x 4 face. Weld the edge of the 2 leg even with the edge of the channels as shown in the 4 corners of the assembly. 6. Mark the half-length point of the top rollers of the ultrasonic washer and move into place. Level the tank by placing shims on all 3 channels underneath the tank and center the rollers with the centerline of the table. 7. Provide (four) 3/8 dia. x 4 long jack bolts and install in 3 x 2 angles. 8. Provide (four) thick x 3 high x 4 wide mild steel bars to place against the ultrasonic washer tank centered on the jack screws. 9. Adjust the perpendicularity of the rollers in the tank by adjusting the four jack screws on the four corners of the ultrasonic tank. 10. ULTRASONIC CLEANING SYSTEM GUIDELINES Keep the belt speed under 150 mm/min while cleaning. Use distilled water instead of tap water as the solvent. Tap water can contain impurities, and distilled water that has been degassed allows for more even distribution of cavitations. Always monitor the quality of the solvent. After use, clean out the rinse tanks. After use, change the filters. 11. ULTRASONIC CLEANING VS. METAL BRUSHES PRECISION: Ultrasonic belt cleaning systems provide greater area coverage than simply using a steel brush to clean a belt. Ultrasonic energy infiltrates obscure regions of the belt, which means that all areas of the belt will be comprehensively cleansed. This means superior cleanliness, and will guarantee a better working environment for the furnace. 12. ULTRASONIC CLEANING VS. METAL BRUSHES SPEED: Ultrasonic cleaning also works faster than any other conventional cleaning procedure in the elimination of contaminants. Due to the efficiency of ultrasonic antisepsis, the labor saving advantages designate ultrasonic technology as the preeminent economical design in cleaning furnace belts. 13. ULTRASONIC CLEANING VS. METAL BRUSHES CONSISTANCY: Ultrasonic technology offers incomparable cleaning consistency throughout the entire belt. Using a steel brush as a tool for cleaning the belt can often be time-consuming, imprecise, and inconsistent. A steel brush uses steel wire bristles to clean the surface area around the belt; however, due to its abrasive nature and inability to reach abstruse regions of the belt, it cannot achieve the cleaning capabilities that an ultrasonic belt cleaner can easily handle. 14. ULTRASONIC CLEANING VS. METAL BRUSHES FINANCIAL BENEFITS: When ultrasonic technology is used, there is far less risk of products getting contaminated, which improves yield. Furthermore, there is less belt abrasion, which means that the belt will have a longer lifespan. Lastly, theres no need to ever replace any brushes. 15. FACTS Ultrasonic belt cleaners collect particles that come off of the furnace belt, so that these contaminants can be safely drained away. Preserving the cleanliness of your furnace belt is vital when it comes to prolonging the lifespan of a furnace. Ultrasonic belt cleaning is the best solution to long-term furnace belt maintenance. 16. Brought to you by Torrey Hills Technologies, LLC www.beltfurnaces.com 6370 Lusk Blvd, Suite F-111 San Diego, CA 92121 Tel: (858) 558-6666 Fax: (858) 630-3383


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