Transforming operations into devOps iteratively

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1. | @dataloopio | Monitoring for Online Services 2. Obligatory about me slide.. SysAdmin by day Rubbish developer by night Always worked in software companies Always worked for SaaS companies and those transforming Started DevOps at Alfresco Software Managed DevOps at Hive Home 3. Why? 4. What does Operations look like? 5. What does DevOps look like 6. The Process Change Behaviours We always do it like This is the way my Granpappy taught me In a land far far away Change Interactions But Jim wouldnt respond to my e-mail After I told him how wrong he was he didnt seem interested in helping It must be a code issue Change Perceptions Operations let it go down again! The Development team write buggy code QA never tests it properly 7. Changing Behaviours 8. Step 1: Break their wills. 9. Step 2: Could we ? 10. Step 3: Wouldnt it be cool if. It is only when we push ourselves that we know ourselves. 11. Changing interactions 12. Step 1: Move people 13. Step 2: Its Our product 14. Step 3: One team, One goal 15. Change Perceptions 16. Step 1: Get facts 17. Step 2: Make successes public 18. Step3: Make Failures public 19. Youre Done 20. Not Really! 21. Q&A