Transfer Photos to Computer from Digital Camera

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<p> 1. Transfer Photos:Digital Camera to ComputerBy Maria GagneLIS 416 Tech. in School Library 2. Items Needed for Transfer1. Your Digital Camera2. USB Cable Connection (cord thatcame with camera)3. Removable SD Card4. Computer5. Optional: USB, External harddrive, or online storage likeGoogle Drive for extra storage6. USB port or SD Card Reader (ifyour computer does not haveone you can purchase anexternal one) 3. Step 1: Plug camera into your computer with the USB cord that came with the camera. Make sure to put the smaller end of the USB Cord into the appropriate port on thecamera, and plug the large end of the USB cord into the USB port on your computer.OR If you dont have a USB cord for the camera, or cant get it to work then you may useyour preferred SD card instead. This can be done by opening the SD card slot on yourcamera to extract the SD card and placing it into the appropriate card slot on yourcomputer. If you do not have an SD card slot built-in to your computer. Then no worries if desireyou may purchase an external SD Card slot from select stores and online stores likeAmazon for a fair price. 4. Step 2 Once your camera is connected to your computer. A window should pop-up onthe desktop that prompts you to open camera contents with camera software. This software varies with different names depending on your cameras brand andmodel. However, it is always accompanied with either an icon of a camera or anicon of an SD card. If this window does not automatically pop-up you may have to look for the cameradevice under the section on your computer that displays devices and hard diskdrives in use . For example: on Windows computers this might be found inComputer within the Start Menu. 5. Step 3 You should be able to access, your cameras memory card or memory via the USBcord, through various files that will be found after clicking on camera pop-up or icon. Once it has been clicked you should be able to see the cameras memory includingyour photos in a various dated folders. Once the photos are found on your camerayou should be able CTRL+Shift to select all the photos you would like to transfer, orsimply click on the one photo you want to transfer.Or Now there are cameras that will have its own personalized software that allows usersto select the photos they want transferred to their computer by boxes that can bechecked or by selecting click methods. However, if your software for the camera isunavailable or does not work. The clicking on camera icon to locate the camerasmemory file folders should work just fine. 6. Step 4 After you have clicked CTRL+Shift to select the pictures, or simply select apicture by clicking on it. You should either Right+Click the selected photos andcopy, or use the shortcut CTRL+C to copy the photos you would like to transfer toyour computer. After selecting your photos, you will go to My Pictures and click New Folder atthe top to create a new folder with a name of your choice. Once this is done you will now have a folder to place the transferring photos intoyour computer. PS: It helps when going back to the folder to include some sort of date of whenthe photos were taking. So that way when you go to look at the photos later onyou will know how old or recent they are. 7. Step 5: Now after you have selected and copied your photos to be transferred. You should click or double click on the created folder for the photos, and right click topaste the photos you selected. Or if desired use the shortcut CTRL+V to paste the photos in with ease. After they are pasted into the folder. Then it is safe to say that they have beentransferred to your computer successfully. If you wish to transfer more just repeat steps 3-5. Optional: if you have a USB, external drive, or online storage like in Google Drive then itis recommended to copy your photo folders to any of these options. This is so ifsomething should happen to your computer then you will be able to recover the photostransferred to your computer without a problem. 8. Congratulations!!You have now successfully transferred your photos from yourdigital camera to your computer. 9. Works Cited Computer, H. (2014). How to Transfer Photos from Your Digital Camera toComputer - Video - For Dummies. Retrieved 19November 2014, from Transferring Photos from Your Camera to Your Computer. (2014) (1st ed., pp.1-4). Washington D.C. Retrieved from </p>