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The Skype for Business Impact on Enterprises Infographic

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  1. 1. MAXIMIZE OVERALL PRODUCTIVITY & PROFIT SAVE TIME AND COSTS IMPROVE OVERALL CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE BUILD A BORDERLESS ENTERPRISE Desktop users Room-based users Telepresence users The Skype for Business IMPACT ON ENTERPRISES Quality of communication plays a critical role in your enterprises business success. From internal collaboration to productivity to ROIyour communication tools keep business on the move. For these reasons, its crucial that your Skype for Business, is working eciently and eectively. Here are just a few insights you should know about Skype adoption, issues that may occur, and what you can do to solve the problem! THE SKYPE ADOPTION RISE IN THE ENTERPRISE WORLD1 100 MILLION + 50 BILLION MINUTES 50% people use Skype to communicate for work Amount of trac Skype sees per month Over of Skype enterprise users utilize video Equivalent to 1/3 of the worlds long distance trac Don't fret! With Quality of Service (QoS) control and Network Performance Management, you'll be able to enhance your Skype quality and... 1 WHAT HAPPENS WHEN SKYPE INTERRUPTS YOUR PRODUCTIVITY3 HOW YOU CAN STOP THESE ISSUES FROM HAPPENING4 THE WIDESPREAD CORPORATE TREND OF VIDEOCONFERENCING22 52.8% 77.6% 27.8% 2016 LiveAction, Inc. All rights reserved. LiveAction, the LiveAction logo and LiveNX Software are trademarks of LiveAction. Other company and product names are the trademarks of their respective companies. *Product Disclaimer: LiveAction has renamed their software solution, formerly known as LiveAction to LiveNX. From 2016 and on, LiveNX will remain the ocial name for the software. 1. Nemertes Research Group, Inc., 2015 2. Seran, Zig., Skype for Business Team. Skype for Business is hereand this is only the beginning. 2015 For more details on protecting Skype quality, QoS and Network Performance Management, check out this eBrief: Enhancing Skype Quality through QoS & the Network SOURCES