The best android apps for the construction industry

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  • Corecut Diamond Drilling

  • Working in the construction industry has many challenges and demands. However, thanks to advances in mobile technology it is now becoming much easier to manage your construction projects using only a smartphone.In this post I would like to use my experience as a diamond drilling contractor to discuss my five favourite android apps for the construction industry. Hopefully, after reading this post your next construction project will be made much easier with thanks to my recommendations.

  • Have you ever needed to check the level of an object or surface but not had a spirit level to hand. Then you need to download Bubble Level for your smartphone. This fantastic free android app gives you immediate access to a digital spirit level. To use Bubble Level you simply hold one of the phones four sides against an object to test its level. Whats more, you can also lay Bubble Level on a flat surface to get a 360 level. No internet access is required to operate this app and with over 5,000,000 downloaded it is a firm favourite with the construction industry.

  • Converting units such as square feet into different units quickly and accurately is a problem faced by construction professionals every day. If you find yourself facing this problem, I recommend downloading the All in One UnitConverter for your smartphone. This free app enables you to convert values into different categories including length, temperature, volume, speed and weight. The All in OneUnitConverter is incredibly fast and extremely reliable.

  • As a project manager for a busy diamond drilling company I used to constantly have a vast amount of site documents such as verification forms, order forms and photo I.Ds on my person at each job. Fortunately, I was recommended the iConfirm Android app by a colleague and it has revolutionized the way I work. This free app enables you to keep all site documentation in order using your smartphone. In addition, documents can be signed directly on your mobile and all documents are legally binding.

  • This handy app will enable you to calculate the exact amount of concrete required for a certain job. In addition, the Concrete Design app will also let you calculate the amount of reinforcement needed for particular project plus the Concrete Design app will also check the compression zone and check for cracking. The Concrete Design app can also be integrated with Dako Softwares Beam Design app meaning beam dimensions can be transferred.

  • If you are an architect is strongly recommended downloading this app. Rilievo was built by an architect for architects and is great for conducting architectural surveys and completely negates the need for paper surveys. Architects can input measurements into the app which can then be saved to an external folder and transferred directly to your AutoCAD for manipulation at a later date.

  • As any contractor will know, providing an estimate can often be a tricky and time consuming process. Thankfully JLGpro Apps have developed the fantastic A Estimate All PRO app which has been designed to handle all forms of estimating from painting and concrete to remodelling. The app also allows you to save unlimited estimates and then search your estimate file, viewing, editing or deleting particular estimates. The app is compatible with any Android with O.S 1.5 and What is more, the developer, JLGpro Apps respond extremely quickly to development suggestions from users.

  • The author is a former project manager and now writes for Corecut, the UKs leading diamond drilling, concrete sawing and controlled demolition specialist who serve all areas throughout the United Kingdom.