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  • 1. 12 Terrain Profiles From Noble Ridge The next 12 slides show more than 225 degrees of completely unobstructed views from Noble Ridge. There may be some shadowing to the East, to the Southeast and to the South. However, swinging around to the Southwest and all the way over to the Northeast, the views are completely open. Furthermore, the prevailing winds come from the Southwest in the Summer and from the Northwest in the winter. Therefore, the Wind Rose, which is the sum of all the wind forces over a period of several seasons, is expected to show this, and to prove the wind resource.
  • 2. Due East out 9 miles
  • 3. Due Southeast out 6 miles
  • 4. Due South out 11 miles
  • 5. Due Southwest out 12 miles
  • 6. Due West out 9 miles
  • 7. Due Northwest out 15 miles
  • 8. Due North out 14 miles
  • 9. Due Northeast out 9 miles
  • 10. East to West Site in the Middle SITE Wind Dir. Cannon Mt Mt. Lafayette SITE Wind Dir.
  • 11. Northeast to Southwest Site in the Middle Site Wind Dir. Mt. Cleveland
  • 12. South to North Site in the Middle Site Wind Dir. Mt. Cleveland Mt. Moosilauke SITE Wind Dir. towards you
  • 13. Southwest to Northwest Site In The Middle Mt. Kinsman SITE Wind Dir.